New INFINICUT fleet gives Warrington Wolves the advantage for pitch presentation

Louise Challissin Battery/Electric Power

When Niall Hazlehurst joined Warrington Wolves as Head of Grounds in February 2021, a quick trip into the equipment shed flagged the urgent need for an update to the club's mower fleet. Recognising the number of elite sporting venues using mowers from INFINICUT®, Niall put forward a case that if the club wanted to be the best, they needed to invest in the best equipment! Convinced by both the superior cut quality and environmental credentials, the club purchased two 34" INFINICUT® FX mowers, along with an SM34 Rotary, earlier this year.

"Having used INFINICUT® mowers in the past, it was fantastic to be able to explain just how many benefits they could bring to the quality of the pitch and the environment as a whole" explains Niall. "Like a lot of clubs, we're looking at ways of being greener so the fact we can reduce emissions and cost by switching to battery power was a big plus. However, the mowers also need to deliver on the agronomic front. The number of adjustable parameters on the INFINICUT's and the millimetre precision you get when setting the height of cut has taken our pitch presentation from nil to the best it's ever been!"

Two 34" fixed head units are the primary mowers for pre-match cut but, in addition, the club decided to invest in the SM34 Rotary mower - delivered by dealers Turner Groundcare in August. The SM34 follows the same design philosophy as the rest of the INFINICUT® range, offering best in class performance with an emphasis on a modern, clean power source. It takes its mode of traction from the INFINICUT® reel mower, renowned for its durability, paired with a deck designed to facilitate optimal airflow.

"Now that we're out of season, we're using our SM34 in rotation with the 34" FX units to help to stand the plant up and thicken the sward. In season, it is used for the clean-up cut and thanks to the phenomenal suction, it doesn't miss anything!" Niall continues, "In addition, if the weather is really poor on prep day and we're at all concerned about dropping clippings, we will use the Rotary as this gives us an excellent quality of cut and finish. Having that versatility at our disposal is fantastic."

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