New Koro by Imants 1500 Field Top Maker proves its worth in the Czech Republic

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Profi   Grass   FTM 1.5m   Oct 2011 (14)Sports Turf Surfaces (STS) a leading sports surface contractor in the Czech Republic is one of the first companies in Europe to purchase the new model of modular Koro by Imants Field Top Maker 1500, through Campey Turf Care Systems dealer, Profigrass S.R.O.

Owner and Managing Director of Sports Turf Surfaces, Mr Jan Rouzek is delighted with the quality of work produced by the machine and claims "It has exceeded my expectations. Although I had seen a demonstration of a Koro Field Top Maker two years ago in Prague when Campey along with Profigrass held a working demonstration day, this new version is even better and best of all my customers are very pleased with the results too."

Tomas Chytka is the representative from Profigrass responsible for arranging the earlier demonstration. "STS has a particular interest in football stadiums and smaller sports surface arenas. Professional football pitch management is about providing a surface which will cope with a whole range of activity in the build-up before, during and after a match. The new Koro Field Top Maker (FTM) 1500 is ideal for renovating this type of surface which has areas of intense usage. It is a heavy duty fraise mower for removing unwanted surface matter such as poa-annua, thatch and weeds to a depth of 50mm. STS has discovered that the FTM can play a vital role in the overall success of a professional pitch maintenance programme."

The FTM 1500 is designed for mid-range tractors from 45 - 60hp so is an excellent choice for sports pitches and golf fairways, whereas the 1200 version is more suitable for compact tractors of 35 -40 hp and works extremely well on both fine turf golf greens and tees, tennis courts and outfield sports turf areas. It also can be fitted with a deep scarification rotor to scarify/linear aerate up to 50mm deep with 2mm or 3mm blades.

Promoting best practice in markets outside of the UK is a primary objective for companies looking for success on the International stage. So for Campey Turf Care the sale of the Koro Field Top maker 1500 to a company in the Czech Republic is an important step forward.

This is the latest model to be added to the Koro by Imants range and was seen for the first time in the UK at BTME.

The 1200 and 1500 Koro by Imants Field Top Makers are now available in modular format. Either machine can be supplied with an elevator for dispersal of all spoil into a vehicle / trailer running alongside. This can easily be removed in less than five minutes and a high lift collector slotted into its place.

Campey Turf Care Systems is one of Europe's largest independent grounds care machinery suppliers, and this year celebrates providing specialist equipment for turf professionals for 25 years, over the years Campeys have earned a reputation for offering practical advice and superb aftercare service.

The company acts as a new equipment dealer for some of the most respected grounds care machinery manufacturers including Dakota, Imants, Koro, Raycam, Vredo and Omarv.

The company also has a thriving used machinery business and a subsidiary company, Tines Direct, which supplies replacement tines, blades and replacement parts for a wide range of turf care machinery.

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