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New tractors lead the way in size, power and affordability

By Michael Bird

A three model range of stylish, yet highly functional compact tractors has been introduced by Kubota into the UK and Ireland. Known as the STV Series, the STV32, STV36 and STV40 tractors are powered by Kubota water-cooled diesel engines rated at 32hp, 36hp and 40hp respectively. Kubotamowertrailer.jpg

Renowned for its low levels of noise, vibration and fuel consumption, Kubota's three vortex combustion system (E-TVCS) engine offers consistent output and a high torque rise for exceptional working efficiency, even at low-speed applications. The engine's design also produces a very thorough burn with resulting cleaner emissions.

Equipped with a high capacity three-range hydrostatic transmission as standard, the STV Series offers users infinitely-variable forward and reverse travel up to a maximum speed of 30km/h (19mph). Cruise control allows driving speeds to be altered and set at the touch of a lever, with a grooved lever compartment giving great accuracy of setting to produce a constant speed over any terrain.

As befits a tractor of this size and performance, Kubota's unique Bi-Speed Turn system is standard on the STV Series, speeding up the front wheels on tighter turns to help "pull" the tractor through corners without scuffing the tyres or the surface.Operators will appreciate the tractors' new engagement system for the single speed mid and two-speed rear PTO drives. In place of a floor-mounted lever, Kubota has fitted a simple twist-on, push-off electromagnetic switch positioned to the right-hand side of the seat. Hydraulically actuated, the system allows the PTO to be engaged and disengaged totally independently of tractor movement. A new brake function brings the powered implement swiftly and safely to a halt when the PTO is disengaged. With its spacious flat deck platform, wide seat and new, enlarged instrument panel, the work station of the STV Series tractors is designed for optimum driver efficiency and comfort.

In addition to displaying engine rpm, water temperature and fuel level, the instrument panel informs the driver also when Bi-Speed Turn and the mid and rear PTOs are engaged. All main control levers are located conveniently to the driver's right hand.Available fitted with turf or agricultural tyres and a choice of roll bar or deluxe 'Q' cab, Kubota's STV Series tractors need to be driven to be truly appreciated.

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