New large aerating fountains combine beauty with effective aeration

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AFLEquinox.jpg Leading water quality management specialists Otterbine have launched a new range of large aerating fountains designed to provide a cost effective solution for those requiring large decorative spray patterns combined with effective aeration.

The company says the best method of dealing with poor water quality problems such as algae, foul odours, and even dead fish, is to introduce much-needed oxygen into the water. Otterbine advises that this can be done efficiently with a system like its new, large aerating fountains, which provide a Standard Aerating Efficiency significantly greater than the 3lbs/hp/hr (1.3kg/hp/hr) recommended by the American Society of Civil Engineers - generally regarded as the standard measure throughout the world.

The new fountains are ideal for applications in larger ponds and lakes, with a surface area of over a quarter of an acre (1,000sq m), and across a wide range of sites such as golf courses, parks and gardens, hotels, commercial areas and large residential landscaping projects.

Capable of operating in approximately 40 inches (1m) of water, the units are available in six attractive spray patterns - Venus, Equinox, Neptune, Apollo, Starburst and Orion - comprising fountain, bubbling spring and water column effects. Spray dimensions can be as high as 34ft (9.8m) with the Apollo, and as wide as 82ft (24.4m) with the Venus. Spray patterns are interchangeable on each unit and can be swapped over in just 20 minutes.

Construction is from stainless steel and brass components, with minimal use of plastic, which means the units won't corrode in even the most brackish water.

The products are fitted with high-speed, energy-efficient, oil-cooled motors. Motors are sealed so they run in a cleaner environment, significantly increasing motor life. Additionally, oil-cooled motors are proven to run very effectively in cold-water environments. Both 7.5 and 10hp motors are offered, enabling customers to choose precisely the right performance for their needs.

Flow rates have been independently tested by the University of Minnesota and proven to range from 293gpm (80m3/hr) to 1,377gpm (376m3/hr). Otterbine claims these figures outperform any other architectural fountains with similar patterns, and ensure excellent water quality management capabilities.

Compared with other large-platform aerating fountains, the new Otterbine units are very easy to install because they are so lightweight - between 280lbs (127kg) and 330lbs (150kg) - and can be installed by two people, without the need for expensive, cumbersome cranes and hoists.

For an impressive night-time display, the fountains can be illuminated by adding an Otterbine light set consisting of four lights fitted with high intensity 250W halogen bulbs. This provides sufficient power for the light to penetrate the water and illuminate the fountains to their full height and width.

The aerating fountains come with a full, two-year warranty.

Photo caption: Otterbine's new range of large aerating fountains combine a stunning decorative display with effective water aeration.
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