New look GreenCast gives faster access and new features

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New look GreenCast frontpageThere's a new look to the free Syngenta GreenCast website, with improvements to make it faster and easier to find all the essential knowledge for more proactive turf management.

GreenCast is the most comprehensive website for weather forecasting, disease risk prediction, turf management information and turf specific application advice, according to Syngenta GreenCast Project Manager, Karen Roberts. "And it remains completely free for all turf managers, agronomists and students. They just have to register once, to gain full access to all the resources and in-depth knowledge."

She also highlights site features that include Weather Radar Information, so users can track weather fronts moving across the country and foresee potential issues. "Used in conjunction with the unique Syngenta Spray Windows Forecast, greenkeepers and turf managers can plan spraying opportunities and programme work schedules," she advises.

"It's part of our ongoing commitment to provide the most useful information for turf managers in a quick and convenient format; GreenCast remains the one-stop site for proactive turf management."

GreenCast is also now available as a mobile website, enabling greenkeepers, turf managers and agronomists to have instant access to practical information whilst out on the course or pitch, direct to their iPhone, Blackberry or mobile phone.

QR Code Syngenta GreencastKey features on the new look GreenCast website include:

• Five-day local and national disease & weather forecasting - proven by course managers to be more accurate than other turf-focussed weather providers
• Unique forecast of key turf disease risks - proven to aide more effective proactive decision making
• Valuable five-day spray window forecast - enabling better work scheduling and optimum spray timing
• Essential Integrated Turf Management advice from STRI and Syngenta technical specialists
• Full product information and advice to help achieve the best possible results
• Application advice to get sprays on target
• The latest news, innovation and technical updates for more effective turf management
• Entirely free access for turf managers, agronomists and students

For further information visit the free Syngenta turf management website

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