New machine speeds up Line Marking

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SC020NewSprayMc.jpgA new grass line marking machine claims to dramatically cut the time taken to mark out any sports pitch.

Designed by the people who make the paint, Sports Coatings Ltd, the GMC Spray Machine has a unique twin spray nozzle unit that allows the groundsman to spray a perfect, full cover line in one pass rather than the traditional two pass operation.

To further improve efficiency and speed up the operation, the machine has a big 30 litre paint reservoir allowing more lines to be sprayed before refilling.

"We have designed this machine entirely from the operators point of view", explained Sports Coatings sales manager Mike Burton. "Another feature we have incorporated is a re-chargeable battery that will drive the spray pump all day and is a simple lift in, lift out job without fiddling with retaining clips."

Other features that are proving popular with operators are an adjustable position handle and the ability to simply fold up the entire spray assembly so that the machine is much easier to push when not spraying.

An optional extra is an Athletics Boom, also with twin spray nozzles, that allows a second lane mark to be applied at the same time.

Full details of the GMC Spray Machine and stockists are available from Sports Coatings Ltd Tel 01440 766366 or

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