New mid-range McCormick X60 delivers more power, performance and features

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McCormick X60.40 turf 04Apart from the new 'X60' identification on the bonnet, round headlamps and a new bright finish for the cab-mounted work lights, the latest addition to the McCormick range gives few clues to the extensive changes made beneath the bodywork.

Yet with more engine power, increased linkage lift capacity and a different transmission, the X60 Series brings new levels of performance and features to the McCormick mid-range.

The newcomer made its debut as a highways and full-size turf tractor at Saltex 2011; it replaces the popular CX Series, a long-time best-seller in the McCormick range.

"Although the CX benefited from a number of improvements to the transmission, brakes and cab in recent years, the time has come for a wholesale upgrade," says Paul Wade, McCormick product specialist. "With the X60 Series, our mainstream four-cylinder tractor gets an even better specification and moves up the power scale in line with current trends."

Four Perkins-powered models replace the three-model CX line with engine outputs spanning 92hp to 112hp - and on to 121hp when the top model's auto power boost feature for pto and transport work kicks in.

Power and torque are channelled through a new power shuttle transmission. It has the three powershift steps as on the superseded design but 12 more forward speeds for added versatility - 36 in all as standard and 48 when the optional creep 'box is added to produce the required ground speeds for specialist turfcare equipment such as corers.

"On other work, the extra ratios over the CX give the operator a better chance of achieving the best combination of engine and ground speeds for different tasks," notes Paul Wade. "Outputs can be improved and the job completed more efficiently - whether it's mowing a sports field or hauling a trailer on landscaping operations."McCormick X60.40 turf 01

The operator also gets more control over the way the tractor drives thanks to the novel modulation control that fine tunes the responsiveness of the clutch and power shuttle. It can be set to suit different circumstances and personal preference.

A locking front axle differential for maximum traction and true all-wheel braking are also new features.

"Most tractors only have disc brakes set Into the rear axle," points out Paul Wade. "The X60 also has them in the front axle, so there is plenty of braking power to call on when necessary."

Increased three-point linkage lift capacity (to 5000kg), the option to fit up to five spool valves for implement hydraulics and the introduction of three-speed power take-off are further advances.

Three-speed pto includes a 540 ECO setting, which uses a lower, more economical engine speed. Ground-drive pto is also available for powering implements that need to operate in relation to the forward speed of the tractor.

The X60 tractor's Deluxe cab is the only major assembly carried over from the CX, as Paul Wade explains.

"The four-post cab was a new design for the CX that provided a fresh interior giving operators an improved control layout - there was no need to change it for the X60," notes Paul Wade. "The modern design, with full-size doors both sides, gives great all-round visibility - including upwards through the roof window to a raised loader."

Prices for the new McCormick series start at £40,280 for the 92hp X60.20 rising to £46,554 for the 112/121hp X60.50 version.

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