New mower courses aim to make accident prevention a priority

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Ride-on and pedestrian mowers play a vital role in the world of amenity horticulture, but their use is not without risk. Accidents involving mowers can and do happen, which is why training is so critical.

The dangers of mowers were highlighted in a recent court case where a Greater Manchester housing trust was prosecuted after a worker suffered severe injuries to his left hand after it was struck by a metal blade on a ride-on mower. The man sustained broken bones, resulting in the amputation of his thumb and forefinger. An HSE investigation revealed that the company had failed to consider risks and provide adequate training.

Accident prevention is an extremely important priority for the land-based sector, which is why Lantra has launched a brand new suite of mowers courses focusing on safe working practices. The suite comprises six courses designed to ensure that mowers are correctly and safely used and maintained.

The new courses are ideal for anyone using both ride-on and/or pedestrian mowers as part of their work. They offer an invaluable insight into safety awareness and risk assessment to reduce the likelihood of accidents and injuries. The courses cover key areas including legislation, general safety, risk assessment, cutting mechanisms, daily checks, safe methods of operation, working on slopes, transportation and fuel safety.

All the courses are both theory and practical based and last between one and three days:

  • AMOW001 - Safe Operation of Ride-On Mowers - One day (up to two cutting mechanisms)
  • AMOW002 - Safe Operation of Ride-On Mowers - Two days
  • AMOW004 - Safe Operation of Pedestrian Mowers - One day (up to two cutting mechanisms)
  • AMOW005 - Safe Operation of Pedestrian Mowers - Two days
  • AMOW006 - Safe Operation of Ride-On and Pedestrian Mowers - One day (one type of cutting mechanism on both ride-on and pedestrian)
  • AMOW003 - Safe Operation of Ride-On and Pedestrian Mowers - Three days (no restriction on number of cutting mechanisms).

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David Fisher, Product Manager at Lantra, commented: "Lantra has an extensive history of encouraging safer working practices and extolling the benefits of good occupational health and safety. Safety in amenity horticulture must be prioritised and our new courses, which are aimed at both novice and experienced users, are essential for the safe use of both ride-on and/or pedestrian mowers."

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