New Performance Testing Reveals Most Durable Surface for Cricket

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Playrite Synthetic Cricket SurfaceThere has been some debate in recent months about which type of surface is best for cricket; whether it be woven, tufted or needlepunch. In light of this Playrite recently decided to implement independent testing by Labosport and the results were enlightening.

Playrite, UK manufacturers for over 20 years, have always known that when it comes to cricket the importance lies with selecting the right product for the project. Choosing the wrong surface can result in an unsuitable and often more expensive surface that could cost the club greatly by having to replace the surface material long before expected. As experts in the industry, Playrite feel it is their duty to offer advice on the correct surface choice for a particular project and as the only UK manufacturer to produce woven, tufted and needlepunch surfaces they can offer a balanced view.

It has always been Playrite's belief that woven surfaces are the best for cricket - providing a professional standard of surface which are used in conjunction with systems created and designed by Exclusive Leisure, Total Play, Club Turf and Verde Sport to form accredited cricket wickets. Now due to independent testing of Playrite's surfaces for cricket it has come to light that woven surfaces are more hardwearing than tufted and can withstand in between twice and three times as much wear in Labosport's Spike Resistance testing, depending on product. The testing includes the assessment of Playrite's cricket surfaces and their resistance to spikes following the test method NP P 90-101, simulating the representative wear caused by cricket footwear and spike use to evaluate the resistance to damage for each product.

Image supplied by total playThe report also brought to light the hardwearing nature and longevity of Playrite's needlepunch surfaces for junior level or training use, showing that these surfaces were 3 times more durable than tufted surfaces. Chris Pickles, Playrite's sales director explains:

"We've always had faith in the longevity and durability of our synthetic surfaces for cricket - the fact that we supply four major cricket companies who use our surfaces to create and design specialist systems speak for itself. We believe that due to the different manufacturing processes tufted would always provide a less expensive system yet replacement costs would need to be implemented much sooner than with woven or needlepunch.

Having taken out professional assessments on our products with Labosport we are able to prove categorically our woven and needlepunch surfaces will outlast tufted surfaces and on average prove to be around three times more durable. From professional to practice level if you want a cricket surface that will stand the test of time alongside expert and unbiased advice then you need to speak to Playrite."

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