New pole models from STIHL

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The FSA 86 R adds to STIHL's range of high-performance brushcutters, designed for landscaping professionals and groundskeepers.

The FSA 86 R offers the low weight of its predecessor, the FSA 85, with added features like the ergo lever handle cutting attachments that can be changed by hand, a new design and more power. The all-new high revving direct drive motor produces 20% more power, delivering outstanding cutting performance. The EC motor also offers excellent efficiency during operation, ensuring it permanently monitors the load and adjusts the engine accordingly.

Additionally, the exceptional power-to-weight ratio makes the tool incredibly easy to use, particularly for line-trimming around boarders and trees, without the need of metal cutting tools or a full bike-handle brushcutter.

In addition to the comfortable loop handle for easy handling and working in confined spaces, the FSA 86 R also features an ergonomic control handle from which the locking lever, ERGO lever and main trigger lever can be easily activated. The locking lever is self-resetting and prevents unintentional switching on of the device, and when the ERGO lever and shift lever are pressed simultaneously, users can work continuously with ease.

Although the AutoCut C 6-2 cutting head is fitted as standard, the new PolyCut 6-2 is available as an alternative option that can be fitted without the need for tools. For more challenging jobs, the new DuroCut 5-2 is also available and ideally suited for dense grass and light scrub.

The FSA 86 R features a new battery housing and component design, enabling users to easily insert STIHL's high-performance 36V AP batteries, ideal for professional use. Users can take working time from 35 minutes to 60 minutes when using STIHL's AP 200 battery.

The FSA 135 and FSA 135 R are the latest additions to STIHL's expansive range of professional high-performance brushcutters.

The robust and powerful brushcutters build on the popularity of the FSA 130 with compatibility with STIHL's AP battery system, making it ideal for contractors and grounds management tackling large areas of grass and brush with a variety of cutting attachments.

The FSA 135 bike handle brushcutter comes with the GrassCut 260-2 blade as standard and has an expected working time of 100 minutes when used with the recommended AP 300 S battery. The FSA 135 R loop handle version comes with an AutoCut 26-2 line head and has an expected working time of 45 minutes when used with an AP 300 S battery.

The cordless tools feature a traditional brushcutter layout from the petrol models, with engine, drive-shaft and gearbox, meaning that the FSA 135 can fit metal cutting attachments designed for brush and wood.

Both models feature ergonomic control handles with three-level speed pre-selection with LED display, as well as infinitely variable trigger speed control for energy-efficient working and longer running times depending on the cutting attachment or conditions.

Like all of the STIHL AP range, the FSA 135 and FSA 135 R can work in all weather conditions with waterproof components. The motor also requires little-to-no servicing, whilst the easy to clean air filter ensures a long service life and optimum engine cooling.

Both brushcutters feature a sturdy battery housing with a new design, enabling users to easily slot in a battery from STIHL's high-performance 36V AP range, ideal for professional use. A range of accessories are available for both models, including Advanced Plus Harness, Advanced X-TREEm Harness and a wide range of line and metal cutting heads.

The HLA 135 is the most robust and powerful cordless long-reach hedge trimmer in STIHL's offering, ideal for commercial applications and trimming and pruning back large hedgerows, especially in noise sensitive environments.

Weighing just 5.6kg (without battery), the STIHL HLA 135 is 249cm in length and features 600mm double-sided, double-edged universal blades that can cut through 16-18mm branches. The cutter bar can be rotated through 145º via the lightweight magnesium gearbox to enable over-head, side and ground-level cutting.

A new, more comfortable control handle boasts three-speed pre-selection levels through an LED display, enabling operators to alter their working speed to the necessary conditions, whilst optimising battery-working time. Maximum stroke rate is an impressive 4000rpm, perfect for leaving a smooth finish on conifers.

Other features include a soft loop handle and grip shaft, RTS harness eyelet and mesh air filter. When used in conjunction with STIHL's AP 200 battery system, the HLA 135 has a run time of up to 64 minutes.

Ideal for professional landscaping, grounds maintenance and agriculture, the FS 561 C-EM is STIHL's most powerful clearing saw, offering improved performance and durability.

Superseding the FS 560 C-EM, the new clearing saw boasts an enhanced gearbox with improved sealing and bearing design, and an increased cutting diameter of 560 mm, ensuring professional users can cover larger cutting areas quickly and easily. In addition, a circular chisel-tooth saw blade Woodcut 225-24 is fitted as standard.

Designed with comfort in mind, STIHL's FS 561 C-EM features a revised ergonomic bike handle and improved anti-vibration system to ensure the highest levels of comfort when operating for long periods.

Ignition timing and fuel metering are precisely controlled using the STIHL M-Tronic 3.0 electronic engine management system. External factors such as temperature, altitude and fuel quality are also taken into account by M-Tronic 3.0, resulting in consistent engine performance, efficient fuel usage and excellent acceleration.

The FS 561 C-EM can be used with a wide range of STIHL cutting attachments such as shredder blades, line heads, grass-cutting blades or brush knives. Other features include increased crankshaft durability and tougher clutch housing material for improved wear and tear.

The FS 561 C-EM is one of a series of new and improved brushcutters STIHL have launched from 2022, all featuring wider cutting widths, improved gearboxes and updated deflectors.

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