New PrecisionCut greens mowers from John Deere

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220SL greens mower
John Deere's new SL Series PrecisionCut walk-behind greens mowers for 2011 have been designed to save greenkeepers and grounds staff time and money, and provide a top quality finish on golf courses, tennis courts, cricket squares, bowling greens and other fine turf areas.

The 180SL, 220SL and 260SL replace the previous C Series models, and offer true cutting widths of 46, 56 and 66cm (18, 22 and 26in) respectively. They feature a fixed-head version of the patented SpeedLink technology now featured on the cutting units of all John Deere PrecisionCut mowers.

This innovative design allows height of cut adjustments to be made much more quickly and easily, from just one side of the machine. In addition, a new patented front roller bracket makes it equally simple to change the front roller when required, with minimal changes to the height of cut.

Cutting height is precisely adjustable from 22.2mm (7/8in) down to 2mm with the standard 11 blade, 127mm (5in) diameter reel, which is capable of delivering a consistently high quality cut at speeds up to 5.2mph. These new mowers also feature an optional front-mounted, adjustable turf brush to help stand the grass up and remove dew before cutting. Rotary brush and greens tender conditioner options are also available.

All three SL models feature the same quiet and powerful 4hp Honda petrol engine as on the previous range, with a dual-traction drive that provides excellent manoeuvrability and straight tracking on greens, regardless of mower speed. The mowers are also equipped as standard with an operator presence system on the adjustable loop-style handlebar, which features a quick release mechanism to disengage traction.

The mowers also feature low noise and vibration levels, and easy bedknife-to-reel adjustment. Additional key options include detachable transport wheels, to make it easier to move the mower around when it's not in work; a pull-back clutch that allows the mower to be reversed while the reels are engaged; and a choice of grooved, smooth or spiral rollers.

Base list prices range from £4462 (€5192 in Ireland) for the 180SL greens mower, up to £5425 (€6312) for the 260SL model, excluding VAT.


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