New product cuts through thatch and black layer

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Scotts launch cuts through thatch and black layer

By Dave Steward

The Scotts Company launched a new organic turf supplement at Saltex that enhances sward health and vigour through stimulating soil microbial activity. New Greenmaster Blade is an advanced combination of carbohydrate and seaweed technology which, over a series of independent trials, has resulted in increased turf density and vigour and greatly enhanced disease resistance.

The key benefit of including Greenmaster Blade within an overall turf maintenance programme is the impact on root development. During trials, users reported improved rooting to depths of seven to ten inches. The turf is therefore able to take up nutrients and water more efficiently, resulting in accelerated top growth and sward density.

In practical terms, this means that the turf is harder wearing and resilient, better able to resist the effects of drought and disease and shows improved colour.

Greenmaster Blade works indirectly. Instead of feeding the turf, the carbohydrate and seaweed spray feeds and stimulates the beneficial micro-organisms in the soil surface. Modern turf management often results in a near sterile environment in the upper inches of the soil, starving the micro flora and fauna and preventing the natural recycling of organic matter into plant nutrients. This has contributed to the increasing problems turf managers experience with thatch build up and conditions such as black layer.

Greenmaster Blade tackles this issue head on by providing an energy source to reinvigorate the activity of these organisms. The result is an acceleration of natural composting - breaking down thatch and black layer, improving air and water flow into the soil and continually releasing new plant nutrients to the turf roots.

This stimulation also benefits turf disease resistance by enhancing the activity of beneficial mycorrhizal fungi in the rootzone. These fungi develop on the outer root surface and work in co-operation with the grass plant, helping in the transfer of nutrients, protecting against disease ingress and also supplying vital vitamins and amino acids.

Greenmaster Blade is an easy to use liquid spray, supplied in 10 litre returnable containers, and is now available through the Scotts distributor network.

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