New professional mower grinders from Foley United are the greatest leap in grinder technology for two decades!

Charmian Robsonin Machinery & Mechanics

The Grove
Professional grinders have changed little over the years, until now. Foley United has introduced a range of brand new, all singing, and all dancing models into the UK. The top of the range 653 fully automatic reel grinder and the 673 bed knife grinder, and the first in the UK, was installed at The Grove Golf Course in time for the recent British Masters.

Supplied through the Foley United Importer for the UK, ProSport UK, Foley has declared that this machine represents the biggest advance in grinder technology in two decades. Mr. Letourneau, president of Foley United, states, "These new machines were made possible through a collaborative effort with the manufactures of the cutting units. They shared information that allowed us to develop such new and unique features. Now, for the first time, you can return a reel to manufacture's specifications quickly, accurately, and easily"

NEW ACCU Pro 633 Closed (2)
Managing Director of ProSport Ian Robson explains "Foley presented their newest table-top spin, relief and "auto-index" 653 AccuMaster and 633 AccuPro reel grinders and the all new 673 bed knife grinders at the Golf Industry Show in San Antonio this year and they have taken the American golf industry by storm."

"It's the simplicity combined with the latest automation technology that is so innovative. Foley has retained the quality of build that has always been recognised by every greenkeeper, but now they have addressed the elements of speed, ease of use, continuity, and minimum operator input. These new units will automatically deliver a quick spin grind or return to the original equipment manufacturer specifications of full relief with more quality, efficiency, and productivity than ever seen before."

For more information please contact Ian Robson: 07779 270501 or go to the ProSport UK website: