New ProMulcher® mulching blade for Wessex ProLine RMX roller mowers

Bill Browningin Industry News

WessexMulchingBlade2For the 2011 grass-cutting season Broadwood is pleased to announce the arrival of the new ProMulcher® mulching blade tips for Wessex ProLine RMX roller mowers.

This superb new accessory simply bolts on in place of the standard GoldCut blade tips, and incorporates the usual GoldCut zone-hardened cutting edge for longer service life and greater resistance to stone damage.

Cut grass follows up over the blade, into the mulching channels, where specially-designed angled edges mulch the cut strips, bruising it heavily and shredding the grass, which hugely accelerates the break-down prWessexMulchingBlade1ocess. This will appeal to councils and contractors where grass is being allowed to grow slightly longer in response to budget cuts, and is not being collected.

Features at a glance
• New mulching blade tips
• Fits all Wessex ProLine RMX roller mowers
• Ideal for longer swards and breakdown of uncollected grass
• Excellent product for councils and contractors
• Zone-hardened cutting edge for long service life
• Bolts on in place of standard GoldCut blade tip

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