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Vita 72 RED JPGA new range of specialist turf fertilisers, including a product with a bacillus that inhibits harmful pathogens, has been launched in the UK by Compo.

Compo's Vitanica liquid foliar fertilisers are already well proven on the Continent, and four formulations are now available in the UK from the company's network of distributors for turf-related products.

A feature of all the formulations is the use of seaweed extracts, which provide phytohormones, amino acids and vitamins that encourage root development, improve photosynthetic performance and increase resistance to disease and stress. The extraction process ensures the beneficial constituents of the seaweed are fully retained. In addition, phosphoric acid is used as the P-source, which assists in suppressing fungi.

Vitanica RZ has a 5-0-5 NPK formulation with the addition of bacillus amyloliquifaciens Strain R6-CDX, which out-competes harmful pathogens in the rootzone and inhibits their spread. As a result, plants are healthier and have better resistance to disease. Application is particularly recommended as a preventative measure before periods of known disease pressure, such as the autumn.

Vitanica P3 is a high-potassium NK formulation with a package of trace elements that is particularly effective in improving resistance against fungal diseases. The product incorporates 5 percent N and 10 percent K by weight, and trace elements of boron, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc are also included.

With a 10 percent silicate content, Vitanica SI is highly effective in strengthening cells and roots against disease and assisting grass plants to resist heat and drought stress. The NPK formulation is 5-3-7.

Vitanica MC, designed specifically to increase plant vitality and greening of turf, has an 11-3-7 NPK formulation with trace elements of copper, iron and manganese.

The products are usually applied in concentrations of 1 to 2 percent and are generally compatible with most turf fertilisers. They are supplied in ten litre containers.

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