New slug pellet options with Outcast V2

Tony Hawkinsin Industry News

P1010076No field is square and when it comes to slug pellet application most will have a run-out area. Techneat Engineering's Outcast V2 has long been a prime choice for high speed and accurate spreading of pellets up to 36m during spraying operations.

Now the Outcast has the option to cut the feed to sections of a 36m boom to prevent overlapping. The new control system makes major cuts on pellet wastage, with the cost savings relating directly back to the cost of an Outcast V2. Designed for slug pellet applications in potato, field vegetable and autumn arable crops, using the Outcast for frequent, low-rate, pellet applications greatly improves slug control.

The new development joins the features of accurate spreading from boom mounted satellite disc distributors and even coverage across full boom width. The ability to flick off boom sections is controlled inside the cab and the result is the best use of pellets, evenly applied in a perfect spread pattern, helping to improve on the low dose rate of typically 2kg per hectare British Potato Stand 106, Techneat Engineering Ltd 01353 862044

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