New spreader throws out answer to saving money, materials and space

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DMMP Limited, the UK distributor of EarthWay, is launching the most advanced spreader available to the UK market. It promises to save materials, storage space and money through extremely accurate application, multi-use and long life.

It was created after a multi-million dollar investment in its creation.

The heavy-duty EarthWay® EV-N-SPRED® Flex-Select® spreader is highly adaptable and can be either pushed by hand or towed by a vehicle and used for more than one purpose throughout the year.

The revolutionary feature of interchangeable trays enables the spreader to be used in all seasons. DMMP believe that this represents a saving of money, time and space for green keeping professionals.

"There are three unique output trays which can be easily swapped over by the user," explains DMMP managing director Marcus Palmer.

"The high output tray is designed to apply large granular materials such as rock salt and grit and sand; an exclusive vertical oscillating six agitator system improves the flow of these difficult-to-spread materials.

The low output tray can accurately apply small gauge materials such as fine grass seed, chemicals and other very low volume products. The same oscillating agitator system which improves the flow of lumpy salt can ensure that fine materials flow evenly."

The EV-N-SPRED® Pro Shut Off standard output tray is the proven most accurate mechanism for the even application of granular materials and fertilisers. "

It's an innovative design which we are really excited about," continues Marcus. The technology was first developed by EarthWay® in the early 1970s to solve the main issue in broadcast spreaders, which is that that the gyroscopic force causes heavier products to fly off the spinning disk first.

Since then, development has created the unique three-hole drop outer ports we see today, which balance the spread pattern to perfection."

As well as the unique interchangeable trays, other features include a choice of 36kg or 60kg hopper capacity, a new 'floating' heavy duty gearbox which makes pushing easier and is twice the strength of the previous version, 33cm diameter turf tyres on rust-proof poly rims, debris screen, and an epoxy coated or stainless steel chassis, a five year limited warranty.

Options include single or three- sided deflectors and rain covers.

EarthWay® is the leading manufacturers and innovators of pedestrian fertiliser spreaders designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA.

Jeff Kendall, Vice President, Sales & Marketing at Earthway Products, Inc. is also the designer and creator of this innovative product.

Jeff previously worked in an industrial design firm and considers himself an "ideas guy who assembles a team of experts to make my ideas into useable products". His inspiration for this new product was in response to customer problems or concerns about spreaders in general, and it was these comments that motivated him to develop the FLEX-SELECT® line of spreaders.

The project started in 2007 after its multi-million dollar investment was approved.

The team involved includes R&D Manager Rick Sevrey, an expert in spreading technology of 30 years standing and Dick Chapman who has over 55 years' experience in industrial design.

Dick has designed thousands of products including handheld power tools, razors, flashlights, fire-proof safes, to commercial food processing equipment.

"We are delighted to launch this product in the UK through Marcus and his team at DMMP," concludes Jeff. "This is an exciting, well-researched and well-made product which will save users money, storage and time."

For more information about the EarthWay® EV-N-SPRED® Flex-Select® Commercial and Professional Series models, please call the technical sales team on 01902 440250 or see the Earthway Flex-Select in the Pitchcare Store

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