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A new range of Syngenta turf nozzles specifically designed to cope with spraying on undulating golf courses and to aide lower water volume applications is now in prototype testing, reports Syngenta Technical Manager, Dr Simon Watson.

On show for the first time at BTME (Harrogate 24-26 January), the completely new design of the Syngenta Turf Nozzle XC 08 has been developed with an exclusive 127 degree fan pattern - which gives a wider spray and ensures adequate coverage even when the nozzle spraying height is reduced when spraying over undulating ground.

All of the nozzles in the XC (eXtra Coverage) range will incorporate the drift reducing air induction technology that has proven extremely popular in the existing Syngenta Turf Foliar Nozzle.

"Conventional nozzles are designed to work at a spraying height of 50cm to maintain an even spraying pattern, but the many slopes, bumps and humps that are so integral to golf course design can seriously compromise coverage and spray product performance," said Dr Watson. "We have developed the XC range with a wider spread pattern and overlap, so operators can consistently achieve a far more even and complete coverage if the spraying height is reduced by undulations or slopes."

The new XC range is planned to include an 025 model that can enable water volume to be reduced to 240 l/ha, when spraying at 5 km/hr at three bars (see Table 1). Furthermore, the design facilitates the lower water volume application at slower speeds by reducing the pressure to as low as two bar, without adversely affecting the spray pattern performance. Other sizes in prototype testing include an 04 and the 08, the latter for high volume application most suited to Qualibra wetting agent and fungicides targeted at soil-based pathogens

Each nozzle will feature a backward facing spray pattern, with prototype research having calculated the optimum angle for the different nozzle sizes, in order to deposit the maximum spray in the target zone.

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Table 1: Water volume application rate (l/ha) for the new Syngenta Turf Nozzle XC range, sprayed at 3 bar at different speeds

The new Syngenta Turf Nozzle XC range is currently being subjected to exhaustive testing in independent spray testing facilities and in practical use on golf courses. The nozzles are planned for sale release in late spring 2012. For further information visit the website

New calibration tool

Also new from Syngenta at BTME was an easy to use three-step Art of Application Calibration Guide. It includes full information and guidance to accurately set-up and calibrate a sprayer, along with a quick reference card for operators to keep in their wallet or sprayer cab, to encourage regular calibration checks to maintain accurate application. The Guide can be downloaded from the GreenCast website, with cards available direct from Syngenta or at any of the regular Syngenta seminars and events over the year.

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