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Toro Logo.jpgHayter has launched the new Toro CT2120/CT2140 compact triple turf mowers. These new triples were originally launched to the UK market under the Hayter brand at IOG SALTEX last September. The arrival of the full production units signals the start of a transition to the Toro brand on all Hayter commercial products.

These are the first ride-on Toro grounds products to be designed and produced exclusively at the Hayter factory in Spellbrook since The Toro Company acquired Hayter back in 2005.

The CT2120/CT2140 continue to deliver the established Hayter characteristics of rugged reliability, ease of operation and servicing as well as many innovative features.

CT12.jpgThe CT2120/CT2140 have a transport width of only 1320mm (52") and can be easily transported in a van or on a trailer. They are ideal for sites such as schools, caravan parks and cemeteries and anywhere where access is through gates or bollards.

The new mowers have a cutting width of 2120 mm (83.5") and are powered by a Kubota 3-cylinder engine. Fuel consumption is low, making a major contribution to reduced running costs.

Manoeuvrability is excellent with independent cutter head lift plus a 'limited lift in reverse' function. This means that when reverse is engaged, the heads are automatically raised to the 'cross cut' position.

They continue at full rpm so that when they are lowered mowing continues without delay. This feature means that all mowing is forward and the quality of cut is maintained.

CT11.jpgOther features include LED lights to minimise bulb failure and downtime. An optional ROPS assist kit allows the operator to raise or lower the frame as necessary without assistance. Service access is unrivalled. There is a folding operator's platform and engine cover and the central bulkhead and the storage pod can be removed quickly and easily giving uninterrupted access.

The Electronic Control Module provides a number of benefits including on-board diagnostics, the limited lift in reverse function and the Overheat Protection System. This gives a visual warning of a potential overheat and shuts down the cutter units. Operation resumes when the engine temperature falls to operating level. The operator's working environment is ergonomically designed to optimise working conditions. An adjustable suspension seat and steering column contribute to operator comfort and reduced fatigue.

The CT2120/CT2140 have an extensive range of kits and accessories enabling each machine to be ideally equipped for its purpose. The mowers have a 2 year warranty. For details of the full Hayter range, visit the website at www.hayter.co.uk or call 01279 723444.

CT10.jpgWhy has the CT been developed?

The company can see that the opportunity exists in the 'triple' market for a compact 'light-duty' mower to compliment the products considered as 'heavy duty' mowers (i.e. Ransomes Parkway, Hayter LT324). This range provides an alternative product to users of the now obsolete John Deere 900 and it competes with the Ransomes Highway products.

The range offers a lower priced option for users unable to warrant an LT / Parkway style
product as well as meeting the demands of users who want the productivity and efficiency of an LT but
face limitations on vehicle size, weight and manoeuvrability.

The new machines have also been developed to meet the increasing limitations on driver licensing, MAM
(Maximum Authorised Mass) of vehicles etc.

Who is the target customer?

Key characteristics of the CT's development have focused on ensuring the product is the right choice for the right application. Its Manoeuvrability, Compact size, transport width, and Productive cutting width ensure it is the ideal choice for Private estate owners, Municipalities and Contractors,

CT3.jpgWhere can the CT be used?

• Schools
• Caravan Parks
• Private Estates
• Parklands
• General municipal
• Cemeteries
• Sports fields
• Housing Estates

What are the specifications?

Engine: Kubota D1105
Type: 3-Cylinder Diesel
Cooling: Water Cooled (radiator mounted at
the rear) with twin screen airintake
Power Rating: 19.4kW (26hp) @ 3,000rpm
(SAE J1995 Gross Int.)

Transmission System
Type: Closed loop hydrostatic 4-wheel drive 'On-demand' system with a direct-coupled variable displacement pump (CT2140 only), heavily influenced by the current LT324 system, Max. Speed: Forward - 22 km/h (13.7mph) - cutting & transport Reverse - 11km/h (6.8mph)

Diff Lock: LSDL (Limited Slip DCT1.jpgiff Lock) available as an option,
Wheel Motors: Front - 192cc/rev Bosch-Rexroth hydraulic motors (same style
as adopted on the current LT range),
Rear - 160cc/rev Eaton hydraulic motors,
Brakes: Hydrostatic with oil immersed disc parking brakes,

Cutter Units
Type: Mk.3 200mm (8") Cutter Units,
Blade Options: 4, 6 or 8 Blade
Drive: Hydraulic drive to each cutter motor, operating at 250 Bar.
Featuring New 'Soft Start' solenoid valves to promote cutter motor life,
Operation: Independent cutter unit lift with manual limited lift function,
also features 'Limited Lift in Reverse'.
Safety override will prevent accidental lowering of the cutter units whilst in a workshop or in transit - will only lower upon
engagement of the cutter-drive switch,

Weight Transfer: Fitted as standard - located under storage pod,
Floating Heads: Optional - available with Grooved or Smooth front

So in summary what are the features & benefits?

It's a compact Size, weighing only 1200kg (CT2140). The low weight allows the CT to be easily transported on a trailer (i.e. Ifor Williams GD105) with ancillary equipment for a days work behind a
Ford Transit. But it can also be transported on a beaver-tail/flat bed van or even in
certain models of panel vans.

The range allows operators to operate within the standard Category B license removing the requirement for additional training costs.

The narrow transport width of 1300mm (51.2") is the smallest in its class enabling increased access
to sites, whether it is through bollards, gates, alley ways etc. The width is comparable to the John Deere 900 allowing the CT to be
transported on the same trailers - contractors/municipalities can upgrade the mowers without also having to upgrade the trailer.

What about manoeuvrability?

The small uncut turning circle allows precision trimming around obstacles, the CT2140 turns in less room than a John Deere 900 (measured from the axis of the turning point to the rear most extremity of the machine.

The maximum speed (transport & cutting) is 22 km/h (13.7mph), where independent cutter unit lift/lower control provides accurate and responsive control of each cutter unit providing maximum versatility for any number of applications. The adjustable steering wheel turns from lock-to-lock in 2.5 turns. There is limited lift in reverse, a fully automatic function allowing for a faster operation.

The narrow transport width enables faster access into sites where the operator isn't required to stop to open/close gates,

How about service access?

The CT range offers unrivalled levels of access through a tilting operators platform and wide-opening engine cover.
There is easy access to all the routine maintenance items and for more detailed servicing and maintenance, the storage pod and
bulkhead can be easily removed within 5 minutes to allow complete, uninterrupted access of the machine and it's systems.

• Full production commences on the 26th April 2010 for the CT2140, the CT2120 will follow one month later.
• All options for the CT2140, excluding cab & sunshade will be available from the 1st May 2010.


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