New ToroⓇ eDingo® 500 and Electric Ultra Buggy® Showcased at Executive Hire Show

Anne Hummersonein Exhibition News

Toro will showcase its new electric Ultra Buggy ® , and eDingo® 500 at Executive Hire Show 14th & 15th February 2024. "We're excited to have these innovative earthmoving and material handling products onsite for landscape contractor professionals to experience firsthand," says Matt Coleman, Sales Manager, LCE & Siteworks UK Direct Business Toro UK Ltd. "The electric Ultra Buggy gives a new edge to urban projects with its manoeuvrability and emission-free operation - while the eDingo 500 offers simple, powerful operations to improve productivity and efficiency on landscape and hardscape jobs.

eDingo 500

In January 2023, Toro introduced its next generation of electric compact utility loaders: the Toro eDingo 500. With major upgrades since its first generation launch in 2020, the eDingo 500 delivers exceptional runtime in a compact design, allowing it to fit in the tightest spaces and tackling the toughest of jobs. The eDingo 500's is ideal for indoor construction and demolition, and is powered by the HyperCell® Power System, a new battery technology developed by Toro to match the power of traditional internal combustion-powered products with zero engine-exhaust emissions and less noise. The new eDingo 500 is optimised to deliver up to an eight-hour continuous runtime, while maintaining a 515 lbs (234 kg) Rated Operated Capacity (ROC) allowing it to complete more jobs with less hassle.

Electric Ultra Buggy

The electric Ultra Buggy is powered by Toro's HyperCell® battery technology, adding yet another dynamic piece of battery-powered equipment to Toro's growing portfolio. Designed for indoor use, landscape contractors who operate in tight or semi-enclosed urban areas will find the new, zero-engine exhaust emissions electric Ultra Buggy beneficial on the job site. The proprietary HyperCell battery system delivers up to eight hours of continuous run time and charges using a standard wall outlet. The compact design allows the electric Ultra Buggy to fit through a 3-ft door with a crash bar and reach areas of the jobsite that larger machinery cannot. Built to be versatile and agile, it's equipped with a fold-up platform so operators can choose to stand on or walk behind the unit. The electric Ultra Buggy's durable design is ready to haul up to 14 cu. ft. or 2,500 lbs. of material in a rugged polyethylene tub. Additionally, the mounted directional and dump switches ensure continuous movement while operating the machine. To learn more about Toro's electric Ultra Buggy or compact utility loaders, please visit