New Toro Groundsmaster was one of a kind

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Powerful GM4100-D is the only mower with all-out-front cutting deck in 11ft rotary segment .

The wide, powerful new Toro Groundsmaster 4100-D features an out-front, three-section cutting deck that makes it the only all-out-front mower in the 11ft rotary market segment.

Toro says the deck represents the latest evolution of its contour-mowing technology and innovation and sets higher standards for productivity and quality of cut. The GM4100-D is designed for superior mowing performance at high work rates on a wide variety of turf, from golf course roughs and semi-roughs to sports grounds.

The deck also has outstanding ground-following capabilities for a consistent height of cut on all terrain. It produces a beautiful after cut appearance at all mowing speeds. Height of cut can be adjusted in half-inch increments between one and five inches.ToroGM4100.jpg

Operators enjoy a comfortable seating position that minimises fatigue and gives an unobstructed view of the front deck, the turf being cut and obstacles. The machine can mow a swathe nearly 11 feet wide, or its side wings can be flipped up for a transport width of just six feet, which allows operator s to drive on narrow tracks, across bridges and through woods.

There is flexibility to choose a cutting width best suited to available space and conditions. The centre section of the deck has a cutting width of 54ins, while each side wing has a cutting width of 37ins. With both side wings lowered, the mower has an overall cutting width of 10ft 4ins, while one side wing raised and the other lowered for mowing gives an 89ins cutting width. Each side wing can be lifted quickly and easily for mowing around obstacles and in tight spaces, or for transport.

The GM4100-D has a two-litre water-cooled Kubota turbo diesel engine that produces 60hp, giving it an impressive power-to-width ratio; and full-time hydrostatic four-wheel drive so it can mow thick, wet grass and on slippery slopes.

A mowing speed of up to 8mph can be achieved, and a transport speed of up to 15mph. A 72-litre fuel capacity minimises refuelling stops to further increase productivity.

The machine has such a tight turning radius that at full turn it will leave no turf uncut, so it can be used for efficient back-and-forth mowing. With its excellent manoeuvrability and variable cutting widths, it can mow in a wide variety of areas, from broad to narrow. It can also mow around and close to obstacles, minimising the need to follow up with trim mowers.

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