New Toro Infinity Stealth Kit makes its debut

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Reesink Turfcare's new Infinity Stealth Kit is the latest addition to Toro's ever-popular Infinity series golf sprinkler

The innovative patent-pending design of the Stealth Kit is applauded by Toro UK distributor Reesink for its ability to allow grass to grow directly on top of the sprinkler and thus eliminating turf disruption and damage.

Robert Jackson, irrigation manager at Reesink Turfcare, says: "By allowing turf growth on top of the sprinkler Toro has created a situation where irrigating the turf does not affect the cutting process. A seamless and continuous area for cutting is created and this is music for all turfcare professional's ears. The fact that the sprinkler includes the benefit of Smart Access technology, allowing for easy access to all adjustments and other internal components, is another big advantage."

With an internal turf cup with the capacity to grow 1.5 inches of turf and designed to encourage water drainage and prevent root rot, grass roots are able to retain optimum health meaning the appearance of the turf is not affected. Robert continues: "Stealth Kits allow managers to improve overall playability and appearance of the turf. Sprinkler interference is essentially eliminated and clubs can now install sprinklers below ground on the pitch and control each individual sprinkler."

The Lynx control system, which is the perfect partner to the Infinity series sprinklers. It is packed full of invaluable information providing grounds professionals with everything they need to make quick and instinctive decisions to best manage their irrigation and water use. The Remote Access feature means the system can be used anytime and anywhere, meaning irrigation control and water management is more accessible.

Robert says the return to the show is down to the groundscare market looking at ways to improve irrigation for a more efficient practice. "Irrigation of parks by local authorities for example can be a big and awkward task. Lots of time can be spent travelling between controllers and troubleshooting issues. Equally colleges and universities are looking to streamline their systems to reduce water consumption and costs, too."

Lynx and Infinity sprinklers are widely used together by golf customers. Used in conjunction these two products achieve optimal precision and efficiency in irrigation and help transform water management routines effortlessly, allowing a greater degree of control. Considering this, it's little surprise Reesink is now seeing its groundscare customers look to optimise efficiency with this sort of system set-up too.

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