New Trojan Spreader Range

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TrojanRange.jpgSherriff Amenity is proud to announce the launch of a new range of professional spreaders.

The Trojan range has been designed and built with quality, durability and cost effectiveness in mind. Each spreaderis manufactured to the highest standards, using high-spec materials throughout the manufacturing and construction process, ensuring each product meets exacting quality control standards.

TROJAN 15 (22kg capacity hopper)
The Trojan 15 broadcast spreader is designed for rugged use and precise product application of a wide variety of lawn products. It can also apply salt to pathways and driveways. Its heavy duty construction and light weight provide professional performance at a cost effective price.

TROJAN 30 (30kg capacity hopper)
The Trojan 30 broadcast spreader is ideal for spreading granular and powder fertilisers as well as grass seed. The enclosed gearing and pneumatic tyres provide a professional performance at a cost effective price.

TROJAN 30+ (30kg capacity hopper)
The Trojan 30+ broadcast spreader is ideal for spreading granular and powder fertilisers, grass seed and dry sandy topdressings. The Trojan 30+ is constructed from stainless steel. Its handle is ergonomically designed to reduce operator fatigue and its 33cm wheels make it easy to push.

TROJAN HVO (45kg capacity hopper)
The Trojan HVO (High Volume Output) is designed for the application of top dressings, sands and fertilisers. The Trojan HVO has a unique hinged port plate, allowing easy conversion between conventional spreading mode and HVO mode. The HVO features a stainless steel frame and all components touching the product are made from plastic or stainless steel.

TROJAN TOW (45kg capacity hopper)
The Trojan TOW is a state of the art spreader, designed with the applicator in mind. It's perfectly balanced on a 1" diameter frame and is supported by oversized wheels. The hitch height is adjustable to fit a wide variety of draw bar configurations.

TROJAN DS (45kg capacity hopper)
The Trojan DS dropspreader can be used for the application of top dressings, sands, grass seeds and fertilisers, it is ideal for accurately applying powder and fine granule fertilisers. The precision welded, heavy gauge hopper has a capacity of 45kg. It has an effective spread width of over 90cm.

PrizeLAWN PORTABLE (9kg capacity hopper)
Professional portable broadcast spreader with hand crank. Ideal for applying products with low applications rates, this spreader also offers access to areas that would be difficult to reach with a standard pedestrian spreader.

PrizeLAWN Calibrator
The PrizeLAWN Calibrator is used to establish that the spreader is correctly calibrated. The Calibrator easily attaches to the spreader and the collected material is then removed and weighed to determine the accuracy of the spreader setting. Suitable for use with the 30+, HVO and Trojan Tow.

A selection of spreaders, including theTrojan Range, are available from the Pitchcare Store.
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