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JSS 2012 Front CoverA sheaf of new grasses and mixes is announced by DLF Johnsons in its latest catalogue highlighting the Sports Seed ranges for tennis, cricket, football, rugby, golf and equestrian turf.

Designed to meet stiffening demand from both private and public sectors for high quality products, the new turfgrass cultivars are set to play a key role in the maintenance programmes of grounds professionals and greenkeepers.

Introducing no fewer than ten new mixture formulations, one new mixture and six new cultivars, the world's largest grass breeder and producer has introduced fresh thinking on how to prepare optimum playing surfaces all year round.

DLF's Rescue Spring and Autumn extend the sowing window by as much as four or five months by creating cool season renovation mixtures that include the latest turf type annual and tetraploid ryegrasses such as Double 4Turf, which delivers exceptional disease resistance and winter greenness.

Sombrero, which tops the smooth-stalked meadow-grass table for sports use in the `Turfgrass Seed 2012` buyers guide to independent test conducted by the Sports Turf Research Institute, is a key cultivar in Johnsons JRR (Rhizome Rescue) mixture.

Meanwhile, the new Chardin and Columbine ryegrasses are proven in independent tests to deliver even greater performance in the improved Johnsons J Premier Wicket and J Premier Pitch mixtures.

With its cultivars in the top five of every major turfgrass league table listed in `Turfgrass Seed 2012`, DLF Johnsons can deliver the right varieties across the spectrum of sporting and amenity requirements.

Despite challenging market conditions, aggravated by local authority austerity measures, DLF continues to buck the trend, reporting a healthy 15% upswing in sales of its Johnsons seed range in 2011.

"The increasing move among buyers to high quality seed is an indication that in a tough economic climate, value for money is of overriding importance," sais Derek Smith, DLF Johnsons Amenity Sales Manager.

"Better quality seed in turn delivers better playing surfaces that mean fewer cancellations in winter and higher intensity of use, which raises annual revenues."

Full details of the spread of solutions that DLF Johnsons provides across sport and amenity, are found in the latest catalogue - `The 2012 Guide to Quality Grass Seed Mixtures` - which features a handy mix selector, developments to the highly successful iSeed system, and the options available for those maintaining football, rugby and cricket pitches, golf courses, tennis courts and multisport areas.

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