New Tym compact tractor is a hit with Carnoustie golf links

Rosie Duckworthin Golf

PR4177 Carnoustie Golf Links
When you operate machinery at a British Open venue and have 330 acres and 54 holes of legendary golf links to tend, like Sandy Reid, Links Superintendent, and his team of 32 at Carnoustie Golf Links, productivity and operator comfort are key. And that's where the club's T503 TYM compact tractor comes into its own.

"The TYM is a pleasure to use," says Sandy. "When we ask the team to take a tractor to do a job, they'll all naturally head to and jump in the TYM over and above the others!

"There are two reasons for this and they are the Headland Management System and the design of the cab. Both make the job that much more comfortable and the Headland Management System makes life a whole lot easier.

"The system's very handy for the aeration work we predominantly use the TYM for and means you don't need three hands at once! Once the PTO switch is on, it's all automatic so you don't have to manually engage or disengage it when the aerator is lifted up and then reinserted into the ground.

"The cab is big and the controls are well positioned. There are other perks, such as air conditioning, but something as simple as getting the design layout for the driver right is key. It reduces the effort required and makes you more productive and precise in your work."

TYM has made operation control even easier with a switch panel for front and rear working lights and wipers located on the right control stick. A foldable Rollover Protection System (ROPS) provides peace of mind when using the T503 on undulating grounds and slopes.

As well as aerating, the T503 is also favoured for brushing, spraying and applying fertiliser. And with Lely now distributing TYM compact tractors alongside Toro turf machinery, the distributor provides a one-stop-shop for customers who want a quality tractor to work with their Toro equipment.

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