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New heavy application tyres offers speed, grip and comfort

By Michael Bird

Nokian has launched a multi-purpose radial tractor tyre incorporating a number of the best features of the company's range of dedicated agricultural, forestry and industrial tyres. Known as the TRI 2, the new tyre has a block tread pattern which gives excellent durability, driving comfort and load-bearing capacity, making it ideal for trailer hauling, verge maintenance, construction and public works, and other road-based operations up to a maximum speed of 65km/h.

The directional layout of the TRI 2's block tread provides the tyre also with good grip and self-cleaning properties, giving it the capacity to work effectively with minimal marking on turf or bare ground, carrying out a wide range of tasks which do not require the high traction provided by a conventional agricultural-type tyre. Distributed in the UK and Ireland by Nordic Tyres (UK) Ltd, Unit 24A, Brampton Road, Longtown, Cumbria, the Nokian TRI 2 is available in a range of sizes suitable for most agricultural, grounds maintenance and highway tractors, material handlers and construction machines.

All speed-rated to 65 km/h, the tyres' block tread pattern is said to provide comparable driving comfort to a passenger car together with low rolling resistance, minimal vibration and a long working life. Being directional in design, the tread pattern also promotes excellent self-cleaning and grip, important factors when moving from turf to bare soil to road, and vice versa. The TRI 2 is unique in being the first heavy vehicle tyre from Nokian to be manufactured using harmless low aromatic (LA) oils in place of the toxic high aromatic (HA) oils which have been employed by tyrenokian-tri-2-studio.jpg

A by-product of oil refining, HA oils have been used to assist the mixing and processing of the raw materials during production, influencing a tyre's wear rate, grip and rolling resistance. The downside of HA oils is that they are classified as harmful due to the presence of polyaromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) compounds. These are formed as the result of incomplete combustion of organic material, generating carcinogenic substances. Through the use of advanced extraction processes and chemical wizardry, HA oils can be converted into harmless low aromatic oils able to provide virtually all of the properties of the toxic oils they replace.

Nokian first used LA oils in the production of tyres for passenger cars and vans in 2001 and is now introducing the oils progressively across its entire product range. Literature listing the range of sizes in which the TRI 2 tyre is offered can be obtained direct from Nordic Tyres or in a brochure downloadable as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file at the following link

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Picture caption: With its directional block tread pattern, the new TRI 2 tyre from Nokian offers excellent driving characteristics up to a maximum travel speed of 65km/h. The directional tread design also provides good grip and self-cleaning properties, making the TRI 2 suitable also for grounds maintenance, verge work and other off-road operations where a conventional agricultural tyre would cause rutting and compaction.

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