New Ultrasonic Technology Controls and Destroys Algae

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Newquay Boating Lake Composite.jpgAlgae are found throughout the world and can cause nuisance problems in water treatment plants, drinking supplies, receiving water ponds, lakes, swimming pools and cooling towers. Severe algal blooms have often been historically treated using copper based chemical solutions, but a more environmentally friendly method is now to hand and available from water treatment specialists, Hydroscape.

The system is a revolutionary approach using ultrasonic vibrations to destroy the algae cell. These ultrasonic vibrations are inaudible to people and are no threat to human beings, animals or fish.

Technology used is based on the resonance effects of ultrasonic waves on the algae cell. Different frequencies are applied step by step in such a way the algae cells are subjected to vibrations that they can least resist.

A submerged transducer specifically designed and purpose built to be small and water resistant generates the ultrasonic waves. These patented ultrasonic waves are derived from the creation of certain sound vibrations with short periodic interruptions. The aim of the shock effects is directed at the vacuole of the algae. Vacuoles are present in practically all metabolically active algae cells and they perform a variety of vital cell functions. Ripping the vacuole effectively destroys and kills the algae cell.

Several different sized units are available, the largest of which is ideal for larger areas of water, such as ornamental and recreational lakes, together with horticulture, aquaculture, potable and wastewater applications.

The transducer is capable of emitting ultrasonic vibrations up to a range of 100 metres and a radius of 180 degrees, using only 45W of power from a standard 240V power source (less than a household light bulb) for continuous operation.

Besides killing algae it also deals with all kinds of fungi (i.e. pythium is 100% killed by the ultrasonic waves).

To summarise, the advantages of this new and unique way of fighting algae are manifold: - highly environmental friendly - no more algae blooms once the algae have been killed - simple to install with virtually no maintenance - no chlorine or other chemicals in irrigation and potable water systems - money savings by reducing chlorine dosage up to 70% in swimming pools - low energy consumption - no more fatal poisoning from algal toxins - no more odour or taste problems with potable water - no more unsightly algae in decorative lakes and ponds - harmless to animals, fish and humans.

The devices can be left in situ all year round and, having no moving parts, require little to no maintenance.

The Hydroscape Ultrasonic system adds to the already successful range of Aqua Control floating lake and pond aerators and provides another useful tool in the fight against algae blooms.

Further information is available from: Hydroscape Ltd., Water House, 10 Carvers Industrial Estate, Southampton Road, Ringwood, Hants BH24 1JS Tel: 01425 476261 Fax: 01425 472380 E-mail:

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