New website for Mantis BunkerMaster

Tony Hawkinsin Golf

Mantis has launched a dedicated website for the Mantis BunkerMaster. Bunkers are often less than 2% of a golf course's playing area but can represent over 25% of maintenance costs.

So it makes sense to minimise the costs by replacing labour-intensive and costly hand work with a machine built for the job.

A visit to opens up the ideal solution with the ultimate utility tool for bunker restoration and one light enough to use for multiple jobs around the clubhouse.

The Mantis BunkerMaster can be switched from bunker maintenance to grounds maintenance in minutes. It comes with bunker restoration tines and tilling tines for the best of both worlds.

General play and heavy rains compact the sand, requiring time consuming hand work to restore bunkers. The BunkerMaster aerates the top one to two inches without digging in and it is totally manoeuvrable around the bunker.

The website features a product demo and you can see how the Bunkermaster can be used for areas thick with moss thatch or overgrown grass around banks, removing ingrained sand and thatch even on the most awkward areas.

A quick visit to the website could prove to make you a substantial saving on your bunker maintenance costs with a minimum outlay.

The Mantis BunkerMaster comes with a 2-year commercial warranty and a lifetime tine warranty and a choice of powerful commercial grade engines. Visit the website to find a dealer or call 0800 840 0888.

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