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BTME 2012 will give greenkeepers and turf mangers the first chance to see an exciting new concept in wetting agent technology from Syngenta. The new technology combines the best attributes of both penetrant and polymer type products into one easy-to-use solution - quickly moving water away from the surface to optimise playing quality, and then crucially hold soil moisture more efficiently and evenly deep within the root zone, for enhanced utilisation by turf plants.

Trials in the lab and on the golf course have shown this improved retention of soil water deep in the root zone can improve the efficacy of irrigation and efficiency water use - leading to better plant health and colour.

The deep root zone activity works to prevent hydrophobic areas forming within the soil profile and allow soil particles to hold soil moisture. The unique formulation, developed by Syngenta, ensures the water holding capacity can be retained for up to six weeks, ensuring continuously high levels of performance between applications. The fully non-ionic design has proven extremely safe to turf.

Move surface water down: Retain soil moisture at depth:

  • Keep the surface firm
  • Maintain putting speed
  • Achieve a clean cut
  • Aide dew removal
  • Reduce conditions conducive to disease  Maintain water availability
  • Lower plant stress
  • Optimise irrigation use
  • Maintain healthy root mass
  • Minimise effects of Dry Patch

Full details of how this new wetting agent technology works will be available on Syngenta BTME stand B38b and at a BIGGA Continue to Learn seminar 'Wetting Agent Technology for Enhanced Turf Health, Consistency and Playability' on Wednesday 25 January at 2.40pm at the Harrogate International Conference Centre.

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