New Year Brings New Company and New Products for David Goodjohn at Green Infrastructure Ltd

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Green Infrastructure4FebPressReleasepics 004reduced.jpgIn a classic case of 'Out with the old, In with the new', David Goodjohn decided to move on from his previous existence and create a new company dealing in carbohydrate and natural mineral products to provide a whole soil management approach to managing sports surfaces.

Hence the inception of Green Infrastructure Ltd, which has formed a link with Allturf Management Ltd., led by the experience and expertise of Andrew Turnbull to distribute natural, safe sustainable products to Sports Grounds and Estate Grounds around the UK for healthier stronger turf for Sports and Leisure.

'We formed the alliance with David due to his extensive experience and knowledge of the Sportsturf Industry and expect the partnership to be a fruitful one for both parties' said Andrew.

'The years spent developing these products has shown us the efficacy and safety of using natural ingredients to form products that not only promote healthier stronger plant life but also encourage the soil food web to become far more proactive in supplying nutrients and food to those same plants. Added to this the greenkeeper or grounds professional applying the products is completely free of risk when spraying or applying our products on to their turf.'

Green Infrastructure Ltd. Plans to combine David's existing client base and services to the sale of the product range from the Carbohydrates for Turf portfolio including:

MOLTURF- Carbohydrate booster and soil microbe feedWet leaf2.jpg

GOEMAR SEAWEED SPRAY- High performance liquid seaweed

INVIGO TURF- Bioactive fertilisers providing mineral nutrients, carbohydrates and seaweed algae for continued soil microbe health and turf nutrition

ASTON TURF-A cost-effective method of treating grass areas in a sustainable way, reducing or eliminating the need for chemical treatment, a natural selenium and sulphur rich aqueous extract of garlic which is water based, standardised, concentrated and biodegradable

'The world is aware that synthetic, petrochemical based fertiliser supply cannot go on forever,' said David, 'with the political and military upheaval involved in the global race for oil.

Andrew has developed safe product that can be sustained naturally and that fits with the kind of world I'd like my children to bring their children into, I'm just thankful to be involved in such an innovative branch of the Sportsturf Industry'.

logo1b (2).jpgCome and discover the many benefits of CARBOHYDRATES FOR TURF from Green Infrastructure Ltd at our website or use the link on Pitchcare's Buyer's Guide under 'Fertilisers'. David Goodjohn can be contacted on 0845 5191 586 (Office) or mobile 07780 580379 and by email

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