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The new trailed Raycam Core Harvester collects cores speedily via its fully floating and adjustable pick-up head, having been gathered by guides extending on either side of the unit. The cores are then swept up by a rotating brush and fed via an integral conveyor into a 580-litre capacity, high-tip, side-discharge hopper, for easy collection and disposal.

Powered by a compact tractor of 24-30hp, the Raycam Core Harvester's steering axle enables the unit to be positioned exactly in relation to the tractor line. The machine is powered by an independent hydraulic system, via a pump mounted on the tractor's rear power take-off.

By using the Raycam Turf Harvester, turf professionals can achieve a clean playing surface quickly and efficiently, with minimal labour. An added advantage is that treated areas can be brought back into play in considerably less time, so that there is less likelihood of losing revenue through having to close part or all of a facility.

"Given the poor drainage characteristics of many UK sports pitches, in both the public and private sectors, hollow tining is likely to remain a key turf management operation," says Richard Campey, Managing Director of Campey Turf Care Systems. "The efficiency that can be achieved by the Raycam Core Harvester in sweeping up the removed material will be appreciated by many groundsmen and greenkeepers".


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Key dealers have been appointed in Denmark, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Norway and Sweden, and more are in the pipeline, to give even broader coverage.

This expansion is the result of a long-term promotional campaign targeted at the European market. Campeys have committed considerable manpower and resources in attending major trade shows and organising roadshow events and seminars, enabling groundsmen, greenkeepers and other turf professionals to learn about the latest machines and methods.

Exhibitions attend this year included one in Denmark in July, and two events in September, in Holland and Sweden. Other demonstrations have been given in Monte Carlo, Germany, Switzerland and Norway. Richard Campey and his team have also had stands at Scotsturf and the GCSAI Show in Dublin.

European turf professionals' interest has been aroused by Campey equipment like the Dakota range of high-workrate top-dressers, the large trailed Nunes rotary mulching mowers that are designed to 'float' over undulations, and the Raycam Hi-lift Trailer that loads top-dressing machines quickly and removes laborious manual handling.

Campeys also distribute the Koro range of turf care equipment, designed for fast rejuvenation of sports grounds. These include the Koro Field Topmaker which slices off the top ground layer to remove thatch and improve drainage, and the Koro Recycling Dresser, which breaks up compacted soil and recycles it as a ready-made top-dressing. Another unit, the Koro Top Drain, rapidly cuts drainage trenches and fills them with sand.

"We're delighted by the interest that we have created and by the professionalism of European turf managers," says Richard Campey, founder and Managing Director of Campey Turf Care Systems, "and our dealers are very excited by the equipment we can offer".


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Previously in Sales, out and about on the road for the Macclesfield-based company, his new role will now see him driving a desk in the office, overseeing the increasingly busy sales and service operation.

"My previous experience has given me a great awareness of our customers' needs," says Tony. "As Sales Co-ordinator I will have an anchor role, maximising all aspects of our sales and service operation. Our clients need to know that obtaining backup and specialist support is just a phone call away, and I'll ensure our team constantly meets and surpasses their expectations."

The appointment is just part of a general expansion of Campey's business. New buildings are being constructed at the Macclesfield headquarters, including a dedicated Training Facility for Campey's staff and clients.

"With this expansion and Tony's appointment, we are ensuring that our operation is both competent and comprehensive, in keeping with our rapid rate of progress," says Managing Director Richard Campey.

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