Nicklaus Course at Stonehaven gets final approval

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After a long debate which followed months of argument, by 45 votes to 20 Aberdeenshire councillors have agreed plans for a championship golf course to be built in Stonehaven. The course has been designed by Jack Nicklaus

Ury Castle 1063
The £80 million investment in the golf course and 90 high-end homes are at the heart of the overall transformation of Ury Estate, which will see the restoration and conversion of Ury Mansion House into a luxury hotel and clubhouse, a mix of high-quality, traditionally built, affordable and luxury housing, improved access, infrastructure and landscaping.

In a statement issued to last night Jack Nicklaus said, "On behalf of everyone here at Nicklaus Design, we are delighted with the news of the Council's approval, and we are extremely happy for Jonathon Milne, the Milne and Forbes families and all the good people at FM Group. They have been diligent and passionate in their efforts to properly educate the community about the positive impact the Ury Estate development will have on the Stonehaven region.

"We look forward to creating a great golf course for Ury Estate, one that complements and celebrates the history of the region. We hope the golf course will be an enormous source of pride for the community, and provide a golf experience at Ury Estate that will not only enhance tourism and strategic growth, but will absolutely protect and even enhance the existing environment that is so uniquely special there.

"One of the motivating factors in me pursuing a golf course design career decades ago was the ability to leave a legacy that will last far beyond me and any records I might have established in my tournament career. I believe the Milne family and FM Group are like-minded in that they want this development and golf course to be a proud legacy for them and the region."

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