No More Excuses

Editorin Football

How many times do you keep hearing the pitch is to blame for a poor result ? Well, now, thanks to a new campaign being launched via Facebook, you can contribute your own personal views on this subject. I am sure there are plenty of Groundsmen/Greenkeepers who would like to comment on the state of the pitches being used at this year's World Cup.

Excuses, excuses, excuses…our football seasons are always full of them. But there's one thing that should never be held accountable for a losing performance, and that's the pitch, which is why a new Facebook group has been launched to set the story straight.

English Football: No More Excuses is a brand new Facebook group that invites people to expose every sorry football excuse that they hear, with the aim of getting them out of the way now, before the World Cup kicks off. It also gives people like us the opportunity to fight back against lame pitch excuses such as Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp blaming the Wembley ground for being a "disgrace"!

Click here:- No More Excuses to join the group and help put and end to all these lame excuses.

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