October 2018 Pitch Diaries

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Sports covered are bowls, cricket, rugby, football, golf and tennis.

The start of October promises to be fairly settled as high pressure dominates and clear skies promise low relative humidity and cold night-time temperatures. However, the sun is still high enough in the sky that bright sunshine during the day will provide enough energy to drive continual recovery growth from post drought renovations.

With the withdrawal of the fungicide Iprodione in June of this year, autumn 2018 is the first year U.K. turf managers head into high periods of disease pressure without a 'get out of jail' curative card. Furthermore, there is significant pressure on other active substances, so don't be surprised if autumn 2019 sees us with even less chemical options on the menu. Now then, more than ever, all levels of the turf industry from top end professional to the hard working volunteers of the local amateur scene need to engage with a proactive mentality of Integrated Pest Management.

All this, and more, has been considered and advised upon in October's 2018's Pitchcare Diaries.

Our diaries are here to offer some guidance on the work required during the coming month. They are not set in stone, and local conditions will determine the work schedule.

Don't forget, you can also use our Pitchcare Forum, where members can ask for and offer advice on the whole range of sports turf surfaces issues.

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