On the horizon podcasts inform to tackle future turf challenges

Mark Sandersonin Training & Education

Greenkeepers, turf managers and agronomists can now get an invaluable insight into the key agronomy challenges they will face on golf courses over the coming months, by following the podcast, On the horizon with Glenn & Henry.

On the horizon with Glenn & Henry features the Technical Managers of both Syngenta, Glenn Kirby, and ICL's Henry Bechelet. Together, they tackle hot topics typically to be seen in the months ahead.

"We're looking to help greenkeepers think about strategic planning and decision making for golf course turf management, ahead of issues occurring," reported Glenn.

"As we move towards a greater emphasis on Integrated Turf Management (ITM), it becomes ever more important to manage conditions and prepare turf health well in advance, typically several weeks or months ahead of problems occurring," he advocated.

The On the horizon format follows an easy-listening style of discussion that explores the experience and renowned practical understanding of both Henry and Glenn, backed up with their turf science and research knowledge.

Henry added: "The podcast gives us the chance to delve far deeper into specific topics. The discussion it triggers helps to bring together the complex interaction of many day-today aspects of turf management, which creates a more holistic approach to ITM.

"Greater awareness of the implications of what you do to today, to prepare for the challenges of tomorrow, is crucial to make ITM work in practice," advised Henry.

The podcasts' availability, through media sources including Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google, makes the wealth of knowledge readily and freely accessible where and whenever people want to listen - be that on the mower, in the mess room or just catching up in the evening.

Topics for the July episode of On the horizon include:

  • Preventing take-all patch
  • Weather challenges
  • Managing summer stress
  • Anthracnose risks

Previous episodes of On the horizon with Glenn & Henry are all available on all popular podcast platforms.