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Only one annual application required

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A major problem for many golf and amenity area managers is to achieve long-term weed control in recreational areas. A once only application per season product is therefore very cost effective in both manpower costs compared to products that have a low residual time or require multiple applications throughout the year. Such a product with long residual action is Luxan Dichlobenil Granules.

Luxan Dichlobenil granules can be used under specified trees, shrub beds, fence lines, mowing margins and channels, around buildings and other non crop areas, car parks, gravel areas, before the laying of block paving, concrete or patios to prevent emergence of problem weeds.

It is a residual herbicide for the pre emergence and post emergence of a wide range of annual and perennial weeds and grasses. The range of weed species controlled is extended by increasing the dose of product applied. Increasing the dose rate also increases the length of residual activity but care should be taken not to exceed the maximum dose.

The product has a number of specific benefits:

  • Low dust formulation
  • Improved accuracy in application, being a heavier carrier
  • A wide range of application rates dependent on situation or weed
  • Control of glyphosate resistant weeds
  • Residual weed control for up to 12 months if required
  • Selective use around a number of ornamentals
  • Aquatic weed control recommendation

Good coverage and accurate application are essential for the success of any herbicide. How do the alternative products achieve this? Luxan Dichlobenil Granules are the only product that can be applied evenly and accurately through the Cascade ® applicator without constant agitation of the product. Luxan's unique formulation enables a calibration of the applicator so the operator can apply the correct amount of product to the area to be treated.

Can you afford not to change?

There are huge savings to be made with the correct and accurate application of the product to the designated area.

Luxan Dichlobenil Granules is a low dust formulation and does not have the same attrition problems as the alternative products. The active ingredient is incorporated into the unique coating, which also binds the active to the silica granule. There is therefore little exposure of active ingredient or dust to the operator.

The use of this product makes economic sense in that it saves money by reducing labour costs, accurate application prevents overdosing areas, there is less risk of overdosing more susceptible plant species and reduces operator exposure.

For further information contact: Peter Boyne at Luxan (UK) Ltd on Tel:01664 566372 or Email:


Luxan Dichlobenil Granules contains 6.75% Dichlobenil. MAFF 09250

®Luxan is a registered trademark of Luxan BV The Netherlands

®Cascade is a registered trademark of Miracle.

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