Open up your surfaces with the GreenTek Sarel Roller

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After all the heavy rain we've had lately, it's time to open up the surface of your greens! The Sarel Roller from GreenTek aids with irrigation by spiking the surface and creating thousands of holes for rainfall to fall into.

Its rear brush sweeps this water and dew down the holes and deep into the root zone. This leaves an open surface which drains freely.

The elimination of puddles and standing water on the surface helps get your greens back in play quickly. It also helps the grass dry faster, reducing the risk of fusarium to promote healthy turf.

As the season goes on and we start to see the warmer summer weather, the combination of dust and foot traffic will also cause the greens to become sealed.

This results in rainfall evaporating off without being absorbed into the root zone where it is needed. The Sarel Roller, by opening up the surface, prevents this happening.

Truly this exceptional bit of kit is a must-have for greenkeepers and groundsmen who want to maintain quality turf that breathes and drains, whilst allowing nutrients to be absorbed.

The Sarel Roller has a working width of 1.5m so it can cover a large area, and it has a weight of 138kg. Its rear brush has a working width of 1.5m with a weight of 8kg.

Use the Sarel Roller to:

  • Prick thousands of small holes through sealed turf surfaces
  • Brush and disperse surface water and moisture
  • Decrease use of wetting agents
  • Reduce risk of fusarium
  • Incrase germination rates by using before and after overseeding

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