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Eclipse 322 SCRRansomes Jacobsen, a Textron Inc (NYSE: TXT) company and one of the leading manufacturers of golf course maintenance equipment worldwide, has introduced the latest edition of its revolutionary greens mower, the Jacobsen Eclipse 322 in an all-electric format. Production has begun and the new derivative is available to order now.

Previously available in hybrid format with either a small diesel or petrol engine powering a 48-volt continuous generator, the new all-electric version features six 8-volt deep cycle lead acid batteries with a single point battery filling system for easy maintenance.

Ideal for areas that require early morning mowing such as greens close to hotels and houses, the battery Eclipse 322 can lower operating costs by an incredible 86%, when compared to traditional greens mowers using s larger diesel engine and hydraulic drive. To determine savings potential, Ransomes Jacobsen has a website www.eclipse322.com, which provides detailed information that demonstrates the return on investment that can be achieved from this new technology.

The battery Eclipse 322 is totally free of hydraulic oil and generates up to 98.5 litres less waste oil each year and a saving of up to 2,385 litres of fuel annually. In the UK with red diesel costing around 55p/litre, that's a saving in fuel of £1,311 per year. Battery powered equipment also has fewer moving parts and in the Eclipse that can result in labour costs reducing by up to 15 hours.

Like its hybrid counterparts, there's no chance of hydraulic oil leaks on greens, no valves or hoses to check and maintain and it provides greater control of mowing regimes. Frequency of clip (FOC) can be set to suit the prevailing conditions and individual control allows lift/lower and engagement of one, two or all three of the cutting units. Programmable settings ensure that consistent results are delivered across all 18 greens, every time, irrespective of which operator is riding the mower.

A swing-out centre unit allows easy access for adjustment and maintenance; the automatic parking brake is self-actuating, maintenance free and engages automatically when the accelerator is released. When the accelerator is depressed the brake automatically disengages, with no roll back if stopped on an incline. The steer-by-wire system eliminates the need for hydraulics and cables and is electronically controlled to give precise steering in both mow and transport modes.

The driver's platform has an adjustable armrest with an integrated control module with individual lift/lower levers and complete onboard diagnostics and monitoring using an LED screen.

Richard Comely, Ransomes Jacobsen's product manager said, "The launch of the hybrid Eclipse 322 earlier this year was a world first in greens mowing, and now with this all electric version we have an exceptionally quiet, energy efficient mower with the same controller technology as the hybrid versions that ensures consistency of cut every time we mow a green. The savings on operating costs are enormous and I would encourage those sceptics to visit the eclipse322.com website to see for themselves."

For more information on Ransomes Jacobsen products visit: www.ransomesjacobsen.com

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