Order Kubota RTVs by Oct 31st 2012 for free additional accessories

Chloe Millerin Industry News

Beaulieu 3The Kubota 22hp RTV900 and 25hp RTV1140 hydrostatic drive diesel utility vehicles deliver unrivalled comfort, safety and economy. And now we are going to give you even more. Order either model from 1st August to Oct 31st 2012 and we will give you free additional accessories:

A plastic roof, windscreen, wipers and security device worth £1,029.00 + VAT (RTV900) or £705.50 + VAT (RTV1140).

Don't forget that Kubota is the only utility vehicle that has Variable HST transmission as standard, giving outstanding climbing ability, as well as dynamic braking for safer descent.

Take a test drive today at your local dealer, and feel the Kubota difference.

Kubota Peace of Mind - with a little bit more.


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