Otterbine brings best selling options for clean clear water to BTME

Izzy Cutlerin Exhibition News

Otterbine's Fractional five-in-one and Concept 3 aerating systems were back by popular demand at BTME.

These days golf clubs can't afford to have any part of its course anything but perfect. With competition for membership fierce, every aspect has to earn its keep, providing a relaxing, stress-free environment to enjoy the game and, as long it's healthy, any body of water can enhance the customer's experience.

With Otterbine any pond or lake can easily and quickly be made into an attractive feature. And as two of the brand's most successful products, consistently appealing to UK golf clubs keen for clean, clear water, but who have an eye on efficient and responsible water usage too, the Fractional and Concept 3 are both excellent choices according to UK distributor Reesink.

Peter Newton, Otterbine field sales, says: "Both of these products can be relied upon to keep the ecosystem of any body of water in perfect balance. They are efficient and effective at quickly reversing a negative water environment, creating a stunning centerpiece and a place of visual interest. We bring both products to BTME because the Concept 3 is best for larger bodies of water while the Fractional works better in smaller ponds and lakes."

The Fractional five-in-one aerating system, with the highest performance rate of any fractional aerator on the market, is able to transfer an impressive 1kg/2.2lbs of oxygen per hp/hr and has a pumping rate of 115m3/ph. It's economical to run and has the option to deliver four different spray patterns that can be quickly and easily switched into a horizontal mixer system for maximum value and versatility. Improved serviceability, corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction and a two-year warranty further add to the value and longevity of this unit.

Joining the Fractional on stand is the Concept 3, the aerating fountain that perfectly illustrates how industrial aerators can be practical and pretty. Designed to give the best of both worlds by offering function and beauty, this surface spray aerator can operate in as little as 75cm of water and is ideal for creating a beautiful centrepiece in any pond or lake while keeping the water clean and clear.

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