Otterbine soaring high at Eagle Resorts

Rosie Duckworthin Golf

Thanks to the Otterbine Gemini proving itself reliable as a water aerator and display fountain in lakes at Tracy Park Golf and Country Hotel, Old Thorns Golf Club and Lythe Hill Hotel, estates manager Kevin Boxall says Otterbine is a firm part of Eagle Resorts, the parent company's, future plans as it looks to increase its portfolio from 12 golf courses and hotels to 20 within the next three years.

"We are a rapidly growing company with plans for group expansion and investment in our existing venues," says Kevin. "I am responsible for overseeing the works on all our sites and for specifically managing a £2 million investment in Tracy Park in Wick, near Bath, as we develop it into one of the nicest golfing destinations in the UK."

With such a big job it is important for Kevin, who has been estates manager with the Eagle Resorts, which also owns Castlemarty in Cork, Ireland and Chart Hills in Kent for two years, to have trustworthy and reliable suppliers and products. Otterbine contractor TopTurf Irrigation has been working with Kevin for many years providing "excellent service and installation and only providing us with a product suitable for our requirements," says Kevin.

The product concerned is of course Otterbine: "We have used Otterbines on all our courses for many years and we're very happy with the product, quality of workmanship and after-sales care. Otterbine comes highly recommended by our irrigation company TopTurf and over the years it has proved itself to be reliable, providing the display we require and keeping the water in our multiple venues clean and clear."

Designed to give the best of both worlds by offering function and beauty, the Gemini surface spray aerator can operate in as little as 75cm of water and can move over three times as much water than decorative patterns, thanks to its open-throat propellor design. It is particularly popular with golf courses and commercial complexes thanks to its ability to provide an attractive display, including three pattern options including the Sunburst and Saturn displays alongside the Gemini, with the capability to easily manage aquatic environments.

With short-term plans for "a few more Otterbine installations at Tracy Park" and long-term plans extending to Otterbines for the "other golf courses we will be buying in the coming years", one thing Kevin can be sure about over the major development and investment work and expansion on the cards it's reliability and quality, plus clean, clear, healthy water and a fountain display to appeal to all wherever he chooses to install an Otterbine Gemini.