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Belfry Sunburst1(e)With forecasters predicting a hot summer ahead of us, members of the public will soon flock to parks, public sports and amenity sites and general green spaces to soak up some precious sunlight. High temperatures bring a number of maintenance challenges for groundsmen and grounds managers, but they particularly need to keep a weather eye on their ponds, lakes and water features to ensure presentation is perfect across their site.

That's because weed and algae can grow at a staggering rate during the summer months. As sunlight penetrates the water's surface, algae flourishes and can soon suffocate a water feature's oxygen supply. Left to fester, foul odours and even fish deaths quickly follow, with the affected landscape and amenity water feature offending the very people it was aimed to please.

Aeration is the answer. And water-quality management expert Otterbine's aerating fountains and aerators provide an eye-pleasing and practical solution to preventing just these problems. The units work by helping to maintain efficient water circulation to achieve optimum oxygen levels, and keep water healthy and appealing.

Top product picks for keeping ponds, lakes and water features clean and clear this summer include:

• The High Volume, Otterbine's most powerful surface-spray aerator. With a shallow operating depth of one metre, this unit is capable of moving an impressive 3.3lb or 1.5kg of oxygen per horsepower hour and, in the case of the 5hp unit, pumping over 647m3/hr, giving it the highest oxygen transfer and pumping rate on the market. As a result, it quickly and efficiently improves water quality in even the most unhealthy bodies of water.

• The second product is the Air Flo 2. This air diffusion system works by using air compressors located onshore to pump air to strategically-placed diffuser manifolds situated on the lake or reservoir floor. Energy efficient and quiet in operation, the Air Flo 2's fine-bubble diffused aeration system operates at depths of up to 12 metres - making it perfect for deeper lakes and reservoirs. And with no visible pattern on the surface, it leaves the water still and serene.

• Perfect for lakes less than 15 feet deep, meanwhile, surface spray systems provide the most effective aeration for small ponds and water features. By combining the surface and bottom waters, these systems break up thermal stratification and create convection patterns that break up algae mats. Check out the Sunburst aerating fountain, which provides excellent aeration as well as displays a conservative yet striking spray pattern.

For more information on Otterbine aerators and aerating fountains, or to arrange a free demo, contact distributor Lely UK on 01480 226848, email or visit

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