Paul Matthew Deputy HG discusses his first three months at Wolves

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paulI arrived at Molineux as deputy head groundsman at the start of June, having spent ten years working with Glasgow Rangers.

I viewed the job as a new challenge and a new opportunity at a Barclays Premier League club boasting great history and great expectations.

One advantage from the start was that the pitches here use the same fibrelastic surface and make-up as at Rangers, and while there might be a different feed regime and seed, it's all groundsmanship which I've been involved in now for a very long time!

Having been here for three months I really feel I'm starting to settle in now.

It normally takes that length of time in my job to work out how the team of other Groundsmen work and incorporating my ideas into their ideas and meeting in the middle somewhere!

It's about getting ideas out there and contributing towards improving the pitch from last year and sustaining it for a longer period.

Myself and Wayne have spoken at length about what we can do to try and improve it along with the other Groundsmen Ken and Chris who have been here for a number of years.

It's a team effort and we can't do what we do without the input of everybody.

saltex 2011 125And geographically, I couldn't wish for a better place to come to in terms of the weather so far!

I'm still in contact with a lot of friends in Rangers and they are having a hellish time with the weather as we used to every year.

Down here we've been able to get more jobs done and you can plan better without having to deviate too much from what's in place.

Everything we do is for the players and the pitch is looking very good albeit in the early stages of the season.

We've now got three home games in close proximity which will give it a good test and hopefully it won't have any undue effect, weather permitting.

If we manage it well in terms of dealing with away management and coaching staff I'm sure we'll be fine because our players and coaches are fantastic with it.

The club is very friendly and it's easy to go about your work and the management and coaching staff are very helpful.

That's very important because we have a relatively small squad of staff here and there has to be a lot of hours done to keep the pitches at Molineux and the training ground at the very highest standard.

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