Pellenc Launches Two New Products

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Pellenc, the world's leading expert in battery-powered tools for maintaining landscapes, has continued to develop its product range with the launch of two new products to the UK market.

Based on observations and feedback from both end-users and the dealer network, Pellenc is unveiling two new additions to the Green & City Technology catalogue for green space maintenance professionals.

Excelion 2 Brushcutter

The new Excelion 2 professional brushcutter with power to spare. With a rotational speed of 6,600rpm and a cutting diameter of 420mm, the Excelion 2 battery-powered brushcutter offers superior performance for professional intensive landscaping and forestry work.

Weighing 30% less than petrol-powered brushcutters, it also has a newly designed smart handle that enables agile manoeuvring and displays digital information in real-time including current speed, battery life (as a percentage and in minutes) and power indicator.

The new brushcutter will be available in two versions - loop handle and cow handle. Each come standard with the new 'smart' control allowing the user to select the 'head' while in use. This then allows the brushcutter to adjust the power for different types of work, enabling users to complete brush clearing, weeding, mulching, sawing or mowing thick vegetation.

The Excelion 2 comes with IP54 water-proof rating, which means it can be used in wet weather and its battery life lasts up to three hours of continual use - depending on the cutting head and battery - making it suitable for profession use.

Airion Backpack Blower

The Airion Backpack blower is the most powerful battery-powered backpack blower on the market. With an airflow of 1,280m³/h and a thrust of 24N, its performance is suitable for day-to-day road green space maintenance work in all seasons.

With its wide, thick shoulder straps and integrated adjustable belt, the Airion Backpack blower offers great comfort during prolonged working sessions.

Its inclined pivot gives full freedom of movement with the nozzle, allowing manoeuvrability reminiscent of a hand-held blower. Its handle can also be adjusted to the user's height with all controls are always within easy reach.

The large backlit display on the smart handle provides the user with real-time information including current speed, battery life (as a percentage and in minutes), option currently selected (boost and cruise control) and time worked on the current work site.

The Airion Backpack's design optimises its aerodynamic efficiency by 15% compared to competing tools and its battery life has been extended up to three hours - depending on the battery used.

As with other tools in the Pellenc range, the Airion Backpack blower comes with IP54 water-proof rating and can be fitted with three different nozzles depending on usage - angled, angled-flat or flat.

Pellenc UK recently announced the launch of an industry leading four-year commercial warranty for all batteries and three-year warranty for all tools.

Pellenc products are exclusively distributed in the UK by Etesia UK.

For further information, please contact Etesia UK on 01295 680120 or visit

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