Perennial asks the horticultural community to share their views in its Perception Survey and online panel

Perennial Marketingin Horticulture

People working in horticulture are being asked to voice their opinions in a Perception Survey from Perennial to help the charity improve its impact within the industry.

Designed to capture views and feedback, the short survey will help Perennial understand how it's perceived by its valued community. The insights gathered will identify areas for improvement and shape future strategies to help present the charity in the most optimal way to reach those in need and raise awareness.

"We're committed to making a difference to the lives of those working in horticulture and feedback is extremely valuable to us. Our Perception Survey won't take long to complete, but it could make all the difference in reaching individuals and their families who need our help," said Anita Bates, Director of Marketing & Fundraising at Perennial. "It's all about being there for all those who work with plants, trees, flowers or grass in the right way and in the right places."

Participants who are working in or retired from the industry and are interested in sharing their experiences are also invited to join Perennial's new 'Lived Experience' Online Panel. This is an opportunity to give their views on key topics such as health issues, managing money, career aspirations or a new service the charity is thinking about offering.

"Your journey will give us invaluable insight and enable us to understand, address and raise awareness of the evolving needs of people in horticulture. Together we can provide even more impactful assistance to those who need it most," said Anita Bates.

Help Perennial to have a lasting impact on the lives of all those who work with plants, trees, flowers or grass, like yourself.

Take part in the Perception Survey at and share it with your industry peers.

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