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Izzy Cutlerin Local Authority

Otterbine's Fractional five-in-one aerating system and the Concept 3 aerating fountain interest councils and commercial property developers for their combination of performance, efficiency and practicality. The Fractional brings the highest performance rate of any fractional aerator on the market, and the Concept 3 is an aerating fountain that illustrates perfectly how industrial aerators can be practical and aesthetically pleasing.

As groundsmen can attest, pond and lake water management is no easy feat, with plenty of hazards to water health and quality, but it's a vital part of maintaining public spaces.

The main issue at play in larger bodies of water is that, if left alone, water quality can decrease hugely if affected by thermal stratification. And this is not something limited to summer either, it's an issue that can occur throughout the year depending on the geographical location, the depth of the lake and the surrounding environment.

Thermal stratification is where water separates into distinct thermal layers, with cold water sinking to the bottom and warmer water rising to the top. Without strong winds or running water to help move the water, the thermal layers don't mix. As such, the lower level of your lake will suffer with massively reduced dissolved oxygen levels.

When the natural process of anaerobic digestion occurs, whereby bacteria break down organic and biological waste into carbon dioxide, ammonia and methane, this further reduces the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water. This can be incredibly damaging to any aquatic or plant life and result is stagnant water, which, as we all know, won't deliver on customer satisfaction in parks or commercial centres.

However, with Otterbine aerators customers can easily prevent thermal stratification from happening or solve the issue if it already has. The proven high oxygen transfer rates of Otterbine's comprehensive range of aerating fountains and in particular the Fractional, increase the dissolved oxygen levels in the lake or pond, preventing or curing stagnant water, algae build up and bad smells for clean, clear, healthy water. And with Otterbine's decorative range, such as the Concept 3, a lake or pond is made an appealing beauty spot at the same time.

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