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Pitchcare Editor, Laurence Gale spent last week touring America with John Deere. Whilst he was away, the rest of the team at Pitchcare HQ devised a campaign where you, our members, can help choose Laurence his next Pitchcare branded company car (we wouldn't stitch him up, would we?).

So, we have come up with an interactive campaign to kit Laurence out in a Pitchcare branded vehicle for 2013, and you can help choose the vehicle Laurence will drive on his travels around the Uk and to the various industry shows.

Simply like the Pitchcare Facebook page and submit your vehicle choice in the question section. Once we receive 5000 likes, PC Managing Director Dave Saltman will be brushing the dust off his wallet to purchase Laurence a new set of company wheels - and it will be up to you, the Pitchcare members, to decide which vehicle, from 4 options, you would like to see him driving. We must meet Dave's stipulated 5000 Facebook page 'likes' before December 31st, 2012, so there is plenty of time to encourage your co-workers, family and friends to get involved, and 'pimp Laurence's ride'.

Vehicle Options:

Option A) 'The PC Three Wheeler' - Providing Laurence with a contemporary corporate look was vital, the team unanimously agree that this car meets the needs of a modern day editor.
Option B) 'The PC Smart Car' - The environment is always a key consideration for all at PC, and obviously the team here are all hoping you help Laurence to be kitted out with the lowest carbon emitting transport solution!!!!
Option C) 'The PC Boy Racer' -Our editor has a busy schedule; complete with spoiler and souped up exhaust, a classic boy racer car such as an 'Evo' or 'Impreza' will ensure Laurence has a speedy response vehicle on hand to gain the hottest stories off the press. The time saved with fast travel would also equate to more articles!!!!!!
Option D) 'The PC Camper Van' - Laurence's personal favourite and a hotel on wheels. The Scottish Highlands, Europe, Siberia and Afghanistan have all been suggested as article destinations where Laurence could be deployed to on journalist duties in this classic beauty.

Visit the Pitchcare Facebook page, 'Like' us then vote for your favourite.

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