Pitchcare, but not as you know it

Kerry Haywoodin General Interest

Listening to feedback from industry and taking a creative fresh look at our media side, we have made bold steps for 2023 to give our audience a reinvigorated Pitchcare, starting with our magazine.

I have previously alluded to new developments and relationships starting with our partnership with TSP Media who are now fully in the swing of handling all things advertising and we have much more planned for 2023.

You will have hopefully digested a new concept front cover, along with a fresh new layout of the magazine throughout. Our changes have been driven by feedback from the turf community and we have brought a more streamlined publication with snappier content and shorter feature articles, alongside increased focus on topical news and information aimed at engaging and educating the turf care audience. In a digital dominated era, where magazines increasingly compete for your attention and time, we're very aware that our content must be informative and in a presentable and easily deliverable format.

Our main feature article this issue (page 24) covers the challenging subject of budgets, which is very relevant in the current climate. We have gleaned knowledge and insight from several organisations discussing how they intend to manage budgets going forward in 2023, looking at inflationary factors impacting our sector and variables which might impact the coming months and what you need to consider to navigate the economic climate that exists. Also in this issue is a very honest account of a well-respected industry friend, Ed Ramsden, of his mental health struggle (page 45). We have decided to make our wellbeing segment a permanent feature of the Pitchcare publication.

We are committed to evolving, educating and engaging our community and I would love to hear your thoughts on the new magazine.

Exciting times ahead!

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