Pitchcare & the RSPB Golf Conservation Event

John Handleyin Conservation & Ecology

Pitchcare, in conjunction with the RSPB are organising a conservation event to be held at Enville Golf Club on the 18th September 2014.

The aim of the event is to help provide turf managers with tools to help them manage their own venues with the environment and conservation in mind.

Managed amenity turf accounts for a significant proportion of the grassland that commonly surrounds the majority of the UK population. Of more than 6,000 species that have been assessed using modern Red List criteria, more than one in 10 are thought to be under threat of extinction in the UK over the past 50 years (Burns et al.) it is clear that we are in a crisis. It is inevitable that turf managers will come under increasing pressure to manage their facilities in a manner that is beneficial for the wildlife that naturally occurs where they are.

This one-day set of workshops and talks, from industry and conservation experts, is designed to point turf managers towards the resources already available to help them understand what habitats they currently manage, and how they can be assessed quantitatively to provide management information. This data can then be used assess their current and predicted status for the benefit of conservation and the relevant sport.

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Looking at issues such as:

• How does the Water Framework Directive impact me?
• How do I manage woodland when considering local wildlife?
• When can I trim my hedges?
• Tackling algae in standing water-bodies.
• How can I produce compost captured from the resources on my facility?
• What density of rough suits the wildlife we're trying to encourage?
• How do I set about measuring these things?
• How do I manage streams and rivers?
• Who's there to help me with this?

And many, many more.

The day is to be packed with practical opportunities for turf managers and their staff to gain insights into the benefits that conservation can provide for them and their wider environment.

The Pitchcare Conservation Day has been developed by Peter Britton, Lynsey Gale, Laurence Gale and John Handley. The Pitchcare team has extensive experience within ecology and the conservation sector.

If you would like more information about this topic please contact Technical Manager John Handley.

Tel: 01902 440250

Email: john.handley@amenity.co.uk