Pitchcare 'Which' Style Spray Jet Linemarker Tests

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If you are contemplating the purchase of a new Spray jet linemarker this year, then here's the ultimate demo day to attend.

In kind co-operation with Wayne Lumbard (Head Groundsman ) and Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club, Pitchcare has invited (list below) a number of Line marker manufacturers to supply one or two of their Spray jet markers for impartial testing and review by Wayne and his staff.

Machine Manufacturer Image
Kombi Fleet kombimarker.jpg
Titan Spray Marker Grassline Titan2.jpg
GMX Bowcom gmx.jpg
GM10 Bowcom gm10a.jpg
Topline TXE505
Topline Xcel with the SupaStadia Eco paint Vitax

Topline TXE252 with a flush tank using Topline SupaStadia AF paint

All submitted sprayers will follow a pre-determined series of tests, and the results will be correlated and published on the Pitchcare website and, hopefully, in time for the April/May edition of the Pitchcare magazine.

Additionally, on Wednesday 25th March we will be holding an open day for Groundsmen and Greenkeepers to come along and look at all the sprayers on display and in use.

The itinerary for the day and location is below,but, to allow for sufficient catering, we ask that you e-mail me at laurence@pitchcare.com to let me know names of people wishing to attend. Also, contactable by phone 07817 354 610.

There will be a representative from each manufacturer to give advice and information about their products.

Wednesday 25th March Open Day

Arrive coffee/tea at training ground 09:30-10.00am
Demonstrations of sprayers 10.00 - 12.00 noon.

Refreshments available 12.00-13.00pm


The Open Day is to be held at Wolverhampton Wanderers FC Training Ground
Compton Park
Compton Road West


If you wish to have further details or wish to confirm attendance please e-mail Laurence@pitchcare.com.

Press by invitation only
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